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We already know that Dark Magician is one of the greatest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arena, but the truth is, it’s not the only one. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Top 10 Best Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – and what’s more, we’ll be ranking them in order of effectiveness, with the best ones at the top.

Dark Magician is the most popular archetype on the field, and the best card for the archetype that is Dark Magician is definitely Dark Magician of Dark Illusion . The reason for this is that people love to play Spellcaster-Type monsters that can inflict direct damage and the only Spellcaster-Type monster that can inflict direct damage is Dark Magician of Dark Illusion . The importance of the Light Attribute is best summed up by the fact that Dark Magician of Dark Illusion is the most balanced Trap Card in the game.

Among all the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dark Magician is one of the most powerful cards in the game. It is the most powerful card for an archetype that shines when used in combination with other cards, and  it is the most powerful card in Dark Magician decks. In this article, I will discuss the top ten Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – and in the end, I will give a summary list of the top ten Dark Magician support cards. Why do I think these cards are the best? Because they are the most powerful, because they can be obtained easily, and because they are very useful for those who are just starting out.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you hear the term “Yu-Gi-Oh” is probably Dark Magician.

After all, the Dark Magician is such a well-known card that even non-Yu-Gi-Oh fans are likely to have heard of (or seen) it.

As a result, it’s no wonder that Dark Magician decks have a lot of support.

But then there’s the age-old question: which cards should you add to your deck out of all of these?

Let’s see if we can get some answers to that question right now.


10. Soul Eternal

Eternal Soul Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you like taking chances, Eternal Soul is the game for you.

If not, at the very least, keep it on your side deck. In case anything goes wrong.

Eternal Soul is a permanent trap, and your Dark Magician monsters are untouched by your opponent’s card effects while it’s on the field.

You may also add a “Dark Magic Attack” or “Thousand Knives” from your deck to your hand once each round, or special summon 1 Dark Magician from your hand or graveyard once per turn.

Unfortunately, if this card is destroyed, so are all of your monsters.

There are obviously cards that can save this card from being destroyed. But nowadays, eliminating traps is very simple, so it’s a significant danger.


9. Magician of Ebon Illusion

Ebon Illusion Magician YGO Card

Ebon Illusion Magician is one of the few Dark Magician extra deck cards, so having a few on hand is always a good idea.

This card can be summoned using two level 7 monsters or a Spellcaster Xyz monster of rank 6.

You may detach a material to special summon a Spellcaster, normal-type monster from your hand or deck with Ebon Illusion Magician.

Continuing on, you may activate this card and banish any card on your opponent’s field when a Spellcaster normal monster declares an attack.

In a Dark Magician deck, this monster enables you to steadily whittle down your opponent’s field, and it’s quite simple to summon. As a result, it’s an excellent one to have.


8. Dark Illusion’s Magician

Magician of Dark Illusion YGO Card

Dark Magician: Magician of Dark Illusion is a fun spin-off that is almost the polar opposite of Dark Magician.

This card has the same stats as Dark Magician, but it’s named “Dark Magician” on the field.

However, during your opponent’s turn, when they activate a spell card, this card may be special summoned.

You may special summon a Dark Magician from your graveyard whenever you activate a spell card while this creature is on the field.

You won’t have to worry about this man getting killed if you special summon him during your opponent’s first turn, since your opponent can’t attack anyhow.


7. Illusion Magician’s Apprentice

Apprentice Illusion Magician Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Apprentice Illusion Magician is not only simple to summon, but it also has the ability to transform your monsters into behemoths with incredibly high attack.

By discarding a card, you may special summon this card, and if it is summoned, you can add a Dark Magician from your deck to your hand.

Furthermore, when a dark spellcaster monster is fighting another monster, you may send this card from your hand/field to the graveyard to increase its attack by 2000.

But the best thing is that none of these impacts are confined to a single round.

That implies that 3 copies may increase a monster’s attack by 6000 points.

Getting three copies of a card in your hand in one turn isn’t impossible with the cards later in this list.


6. Expanded Dark Magic

Dark Magic Expanded YGO Card

Dark Magic Expanded is the first spell on our list, but if you want to utilize it to its best capacity, you’ll need a rather strong field.

Different effects will trigger depending on how many Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl monsters you have on the field.

One of your dark spellcaster monsters gets 1000 attack if you have one.

If you have two, your opponent cannot activate cards in reaction to your traps and spells, and they cannot destroy your traps and spells this round, in addition to the initial effect.

All of your dark spellcaster monsters are unaffected by your opponent’s card effects until the end of the round if you have three or more.

So, if you activate this card with 3 or more Dark Magician creatures, you are virtually untouchable for the remainder of the round.


5. Combination of Magicians

Magicians’ Combination Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Magicians’ Combination is a never-ending trap that gives you a free negate every round, which is always a plus.

When a card or effect is triggered, you may activate Magicians’ Combination once per turn.

If this is triggered, you may tribute a Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl from your hand or graveyard, then negate the effect/activation of the original targeted card.

This is very effective since it effectively prevents your opponent from activating any card for no cost.

Because you can use this card to special summon a monster from the graveyard, you can keep recycling monsters to keep utilizing it.

You may also destroy any other card on the field when this card is destroyed, which is a great bonus.


4. The Magicians of the Dark

The Dark Magicians YGO Card

The Dark Magicians are the ultimate combination of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl that we’ve all been hoping for.

It’s also extremely powerful, which is fortunate.

Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and any other Spellcaster monster may be used to special summon this monster.

You may then draw a card anytime a spell or trap card is triggered.

You can put it down if it’s a spell or trap, and you can use it this round if it’s a trap or quick-play spell card.

If this card is destroyed, you may special summon 1 Dark Magician and 1 Dark Magician female from your hand, deck, or graveyard to replace it.

To make this card more more powerful, use Greater Polymerization to summon it, which makes this monster resistant to card effects.


3. Servant of the Soul

Soul Servant Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Soul Servant is a broken version of Pot of Greed in the second part of the game since you can use it to draw so many cards.

When Soul Servant is activated, you may move any card to the top of the field that has the term Dark Magician in its name or text.

You may then banish this card from your graveyard and draw cards equal to the number of Dark Magician, Palladium, or Dark Magician Girl monsters on the field or in your graveyard during the main phase.

As long as you have one Dark Magician on the field or in your graveyard, you may search virtually any card on this list, and depending on your field, you can draw a few additional cards.


2. Magical Circle of the Dark

Dark Magical Circle YGO Card

For every player who uses a Dark Magician deck, Dark Magical Circle is a must-have.

When this continuous spell is cast, you may choose one of the top three cards in your deck to add to your hand: a Dark Magician (or a spell/trap with the word “Dark Magician” in its text).

After that, you may arrange the remaining cards in whatever order you choose.

The second impact of Dark Magical Circle, however, is the icing on the cake.

You may banish one card that your opponent controls whenever a Dark Magician is summoned to your field as a regular or special summon.

This enables you to banish 1 card controlled by your opponent each turn and add a Dark Magician monster, spell, or trap to your hand.


1. Souls of Magicians

Magicians’ Souls Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Although Magicians’ Souls isn’t a particularly powerful attack card, its effect is what keeps the Dark Magician archetype alive and well.

If this card is on your field, you may use it to send up to two spells or traps you control to the graveyard, then draw a number of cards equal to the number of cards you just sent.

If you have this card in your hand, you may send a level 6 or higher spellcaster monster from your deck to the graveyard, then special summon this card or send this card to the graveyard to special summon a Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl.

Magicians’ Souls offers up a lot of possibilities in this deck.

You may, for example, call Magician of Dark Illusion to your field as a special summon. After that, use Magicians’ Souls to send Dark Magician to the graveyard, where it may be special summoned again.

Depending on whether you send Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl to the graveyard, you may even utilize these cards to summon a large number of monsters from your extra deck.

The Dark Magician is one of the most powerful cards in the game. He is the top pick in most competitive deck builds, and there are plenty of ways to strengthen him and support him in your deck. While he is a powerful monster, I’ve found that some of the best support cards in the game also double or triple up as Dark Magician support cards. You’ll probably find a few of these cards in my list of Top 10 Best Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! –. Read more about dark magician support cards 2022 and let us know what you think.

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The Dark Magician is the strongest card in the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the strongest magician in Yugioh?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The strongest magician in Yugioh is the Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Dark Magician a good card?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Dark Magician is a good card.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest Dark Magician card?

The Dark Magician is the strongest card in the game.

What is the strongest magician in Yugioh?

The strongest magician in Yugioh is the Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor.

Is Dark Magician a good card?

Dark Magician is a good card.

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