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Once you start looking for the best custom car brand, it can be overwhelming. You will find thousands of custom made cars out there in the market, but only a few are worth looking at. So, are you a car enthusiast or looking for an awesome family car? If so, this is the blog post you are reading. Here, you will find the top custom cars industry and get tips on buying one.

Make your own custom car and save thousands of dollars.

We’ve created a huge gallery of cars that are some of the coolest in the world, and this time we’re going to highlight some of the best cars that are available in the market today. They are some of the most popular, unique, and amazing cars that you can currently buy. They’re also a lot of fun to drive, and if you’re looking for a new car, you might consider one of these beauties.

There seems to be a mod for almost anything in Farming Simulator 19.

This contains a wide range of cards and trucks, as well as smaller ATVs.

And for this list, we’ve compiled a selection of our best car-related modifications.

Many of the vehicles on this list aren’t very helpful on a farm, but they’ll get you from point A to point B in style – or maybe even quicker than a tractor could.


Continental Lizard No. 13

Lizard Continental Car / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Here’s a highlight from the golden age of luxury automobiles.

For those of you who aren’t old enough to recognize it, this Lizard Continental is a replica of a Lincoln.

This boat of a car boasts 200 horsepower, a customized interior, and a tow hook for the back bumper as an option.

The tow hitch makes it more helpful than some of the other cards on this list, but if you want to go there quickly, I wouldn’t suggest putting a large weight behind it.

It also has a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour (approximately 50 miles per hour) and has no difficulty reaching that speed even when the car is empty.


12. Jeep Gladiator 2020

2020 Jeep Gladiator / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

When Farming Simulator 19 was initially launched, the all-new Jeep Gladiator wasn’t even unveiled.

But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of include one in your game.

This current model Jeep comes with two engine choices as well as your choice of color, which includes several Mopar-exclusive hues.

You’ll also receive hitch hookups for towing accessories and trailers as an option.

This model also includes a body style option. This implies that you may choose between a 2-door model with a longer bed and a 4-door one with a shorter bed.

Because you can really carry stuff in it and yet call it a Jeep, this is probably the ideal jeep for around the farm.


11 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4

Bigfoot 4x4x4 Monster Truck / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Are you fed up with traffic obstructing your path?

Perhaps you just want to see what’s on the other side of the river?

The Big Foot 4x4x4 is here to help with both of these issues (and plenty more).

It’s big enough to drive straight over the top of the vehicles in traffic, and it’s tall enough to cross rivers.

It’s also powerful enough to tow trailers and accessories.

So, we all know what 4x4x4 implies, but what exactly does 4x4x4 mean?

Essentially, this implies that the truck not only has 4WD, but also 4WD steering, comparable to the telehandler in the game.

This also means it has crab steering, allowing you to drive through even the tiniest of gates.


The Lizard Rumbler Van is a tenth vehicle in the Lizard Rumbler

Lizard Rumbler Van / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

While it may not be the most attractive van, it is ideal for those of us who can’t manage to keep our pickup trucks on all four wheels.

This vehicle is capable of transporting pallets and feed bags with ease.

It also has the distinct distinction of being a mobile repair store.

This enables you to modify your cars whenever and wherever you choose, as long as you have the van with you.

You won’t have to take that harvester into the dealership to get the larger engine and wider tires you couldn’t afford when you purchased it.


9. Rebel TRX Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel TRX / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Dodge created the TRX as an unique off-road truck to compete with the Ford Raptor.

It’s a four-wheel-drive vehicle with air suspension, full-time four-wheel-drive with locking differentials, and a variety of Mopar colors.

This vehicle is incredible, with far too many amenities to mention (check the mod page for a super detailed breakdown).

It does, however, have the most horses under the hood of any pick up in the game.

While it isn’t a large one-ton truck, it is powerful enough to tow everything that can fit on the pick-up trailers.


TRA Quadricycle of the Lizard

Lizard TRA Quadricycle / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

If you’ve ever visited a genuine farm, you’ll know that they all have one of those old beat-up four-wheelers that they use to go about the property and keep an eye on things.

You may now have one of your own on your Farming Simulator 19 property.

This is a four-wheel-drive funmobile with an optional cover for those of you who like to farm in hotter areas. In addition, this mod provides a variety of wheel and tire choices.

There are other choices for the front and back bumpers, as well as fully customized colors.

Build it to your taste, then go have a good time!


7. Rage on the Highway

Road Rage Mustang Vechile / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Was your initial thinking as you began reading this page “I want to go fast”?

If that’s the case, this might be the mod for you.

It’s an unauthorized Mustang Cobra clone. It’s also much quicker than any other vehicle in the game, reaching top speeds of 240 kilometers per hour.

That’s almost ten times the capacity of the tractors.

If being quick isn’t enough to get you to check out this beast of a vehicle, consider the following:

It’s a lot more flashy than the basic pick-ups that Farming Simulator 19 provides by default. As a result, appearances are crucial.

There are also possibilities for personalized wheels and color schemes.

Download this mod to bring your desire for speed to your farm.


6. F350 Super Duty Lizard

Lizard F350 Super Duty Truck / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Here’s a Ford F350 that’s been made to be tough.

While this may not wow some, it will easily outperform the vanilla trucks included in the game.

This is a one ton pick-up truck with a single cab, short bed, and twin wheels.

It comes standard with a pick-up bed, but also offers two flat-bed variants and a utility bed for transporting gasoline to tractors in the field.


5. BMW X3 Special 2018

2018 BMW X3 Police Car / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Who doesn’t despise those irritating traffic vehicles that constantly seem to pull out in front of you?

Or maybe you just despise them for parking in your path and causing a traffic snarl.

Maybe you simply want to pass the time while waiting for the crops to develop by playing a little Police Simulator…

All of these things are possible with this mod.

It’s a limited-edition BMW X3 police vehicle.

Even if it won’t let you ticket the driver, it’s capable of racing past all traffic vehicles.

All of the lights and movements are identical to those of a normal police car, and the vehicles actually move out of the way while they are in use.

All you need now is a uniform.


4. John Deere Gator (64 horsepower)

John Deere Gator 6x4 / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Along with the pre-order bonus if you were fortunate enough to acquire it, here’s another small side by side to add to your game.

With two sets of motorized axles in the back, this John Deere Gator stands out.

When loaded, this results in reduced ground pressure, which increases the overall weight capacity.

In addition, this tractor is painted in a John Deere green with yellow stickers.

It also comes with optional wheels and tires.

It’s a fun little toy to ride about with around the farm. In the field, it’s also an excellent equipment for replenishing planters and sprayers.

It’s also light enough that it won’t damage fields, and it’s fast enough that you won’t have to wait for the tractor to drive and fill up.


King of the Lizard Tricyle

Lizard Tricyle King / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Do you desire a four-wheeler but fear they’ll be too difficult to maintain? Or is it possible that you’re being overly cautious?

Don’t worry, the Tricycle King is on his way.

This little device is so dangerous that several countries have outlawed it in real life.

In FS19, though, this isn’t an issue since the cops don’t exist on your property.

This adorable tricycle can travel almost anywhere and looks fantastic doing it. I realize that the issue of safety may be a concern for you, and that you may believe that something is completely safe.

This mod developer included an extra fuel tank for transferring gasoline into the field just in case your farmer didn’t survive (or was severely wounded).

That’s right, you’re in full-fledged danger mode.


AWM Beetle, No. 2

AWM Beetle Car / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

You will never drive a better beetle than this one.

It’s no longer a flimsy little gasoline squeezer. This beast is a full-time 444 monster.

To prove it, a tow hitch has been attached to the back of the vehicle, making it the ultimate off-road pulling machine.

However, for those that like the original beetles, this mod contains those as well. The bundle contains a beetle from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as well as an off-road variant.

The engine, as well as the suspension, has been updated.

There’s a lot to experiment with.


Mercedes-Benz G4 W31

Mercedes G4 W31 Car / FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Here’s another 46 to add to your collection, and this one’s a blast:

The Mercedes G4 is the vehicle in question. It isn’t as new as the G6 we’re all acquainted with, but it is a well-made mod nevertheless.

This G4 was created at a time when vehicles were designed for the rich and affluent.

The front flags, as well as the wheels and paint color, may all be changed.

It’s a really nice vehicle, and you’d look fantastic driving it about the farm.

In this post, I’ll be listing down the best custom cars that you can find on the internet today. From cars that look like real life vehicles with all the features you could possibly want to cars that come with all the bells and whistle you will ever need, the custom cars are something that you don’t want to miss.. Read more about best jeep to buy 2021 and let us know what you think.

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NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang to Receive Robert N. Noyce Award, the Semiconductor Industry’s Top Honor


Millions of people use their computers to do everything from playing games to using their electronic devices to send email and browse the web, and in doing so rely on NVIDIA’s (NVDIA) graphics processors to keep their experience fast and smooth. Now, the company that created the graphics processor is giving one of its most prominent leaders an award to recognize the key role it’s played in the computer industry.

Dr. Robert Noyce is best known for co-founding Fairchild Semiconductor with Dr. Jack Kilby in 1957, which led to the creation of the world’s first microchip, the silicon transistor, which is now used in many important electronic devices. Dr. Noyce was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970 for his work in the development of the integrated circuit.

Jensen Huang has received the Robert N. Noyce Award, the Semiconductor Industry’s Top Honor, for advancing the standard of excellence for technical innovation in the semiconductor industry. The award, which will be presented at the 2018 International Semiconductor Research and Development Conference (ISRC) in San Francisco on November 8, has been presented annually since 1975.

NVIDIA-Founder-and-CEO-Jensen-Huang-to-Receive-Robert-NNVIDIA image

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced that Jensen Huang, the creator and CEO of NVIDIA, will receive the Robert N. Noyce Award this year. This award is the highest accolade in the semiconductor industry.

Huang was named the winner of the Robert N. Noyce Award in 2021 for his apparently outstanding leadership and achievements to the semiconductor industry in technology and/or public policy. On November 18, 2021, he will receive the prize at the SIA Awards Dinner.

The CEO, who wears a leather jacket, co-founded NVIDIA in 1993 and has managed the popular business behind GeForce GPUs since its creation.

Jensen has received many accolades, including the SIA’s Robert N. Noyce Awards. The IEEE Founder’s Medal and the Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award are among the numerous honors he has received.

Jensen has received honorary doctorates from Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University, and Oregon State University, among others.

1628787203_889_NVIDIA-Founder-and-CEO-Jensen-Huang-to-Receive-Robert-NSemiconductor Industry Association image

“Jensen Huang’s remarkable vision and relentless execution have significantly strengthened our business, transformed computing, and advanced artificial intelligence,” SIA president and CEO John Neuffer stated. “From gaming to scientific computing to self-driving vehicles, Jensen’s achievements have driven innumerable inventions, and he continues to develop technology that will change our business and the globe. We’re honored to award Jensen the Robert N. Noyce Award in 2021 for his contributions to semiconductor technology.”

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)

Recent Developments


Eisstation DC80 AIO Power Unit from Alphacool is now available.

12th of August, 2021 12th of August, 2021


FromSoftware is reportedly working on a PS5-exclusive Souls-like game, as well as a new WipEout.

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


Sony Completes the Purchase of Crunchyroll, an Anime-Streaming Service that Could Be Added to the New PlayStation Plus Offering

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


NVIDIA Shows Off a Cute RTX A2000 Graphics Card That Fits in Your Hand

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


Despite Blizzard’s earlier promises, Diablo II: Resurrected will not have TCP/IP support.

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


The Ascension as seen via first-person puts Cyberpunk 2077 to shame, in my opinion.

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021

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Diablo II: Resurrected Won’t Include TCP/IP Support despite Blizzard’s Earlier Promises


Although the Diablo franchise has a long history of supporting substantially older operating systems, the original Diablo II doesn’t. Yes, you read that right: the original version of Diablo II was released in 2000, and the most recent edition was released in 2012. To this day, Blizzard has never released a patch that would have enabled older operating systems to play Diablo II.

In a surprisingly short amount of time, the Diablo II online community has grown into a major online phenomenon, with thousands of players and thousands of official fan sites dedicated to the game. The game boasts one of the best multiplayer experiences ever created, with a thriving community that is always growing and constantly changing.

After over ten years, Blizzard has finally announced that Diablo II: The Darkening , an upcoming modern-day re-release of the original Diablo II game, will not include TCP/IP support. In addition, Blizzard has confirmed that the new edition will not support the game’s original multiplayer features. These two features were the original game’s most defining features, and they were a major selling point of Diablo II for many fans.

Diablo-II-Resurrected-Wont-Include-TCPIP-Support-despite-Blizzards-EarlierBlizzard Entertainment is the creator of this image.

Rod Fergusson, executive producer and head of the Diablo franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, promised old-school Diablo fans in an interview with Eurogamer earlier this year that Diablo II: Resurrected would be a highly faithful remaster that would go so far as to include older multiplayer features like TCP/IP support for LAN play.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case any more.

TCP/IP support has been removed from Diablo II: Resurrected, according to Blizzard’s FAQ on the game’s forthcoming Early Access and Open Beta phases, as several Diablo fans pointed out on r/pcgaming. Blizzard said that it had “discovered possible security concerns” and thus chose to remove TCP/IP functionality to protect the user experience.

While the corporation did not go into more detail, it is widely assumed that TCP/IP was deleted from Diablo II: Because it would have enabled individuals who had stolen versions of the game to play online, it was resurrected. This was supposedly feasible with the April release of the technical alpha client.

For many, the absence of TCP/IP functionality in Diablo II: Resurrected merely means that official, dedicated Battle.net servers will be the only way to play multiplayer online, but it may also be bad news for modders.

As Crypto2K points out, the removal of TCP/IP means that the only modifications with remastered visuals and functionality that can be played online are those that have dedicated servers, such as Median XL, Path of Diablo, and Project Diablo 2.


The next Beta and the final game will not include TCP/IP functionality. We have decided not to enable this option after thorough consideration since we have discovered possible security concerns and are dedicated to protecting the player experience.

Blizzard and Eurogamer (via r/pcgaming) are the sources.

Recent Developments


The Ascension as seen via first-person puts Cyberpunk 2077 to shame, in my opinion.

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


The Biggest Crypto Theft in History: Hackers Steal $600 Million in Cryptocurrency

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


Games from F1, Dirt, and Grid are now available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play.

11 August 2021-11 August 2021-11 August 2021-11 August 2021-11 August 2021-11 August 20


The AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT seems to be unavailable in the United States. Aside from Prebuilts, Newegg Shuffle is a great way to save money.

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


Faith of Danschant: Hereafter Gets a 12-Minute Gameplay Trailer with Lots of Ray Tracing

11th of August, 2021 11th of August, 2021


In Germany, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs are becoming more affordable, while AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GPUs are becoming more expensive.

10th of August, 2021 10th of August, 2021

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I made a tool so you never have to look for a shader again.


Years ago, when I was in art school, I was in a 3D class and we were required to make a simple shader for each object that we made. There were only a couple of options available, and none were easy to create. So I decided to take a stab at creating my own. I spent a ton of time on the technical details, but I was never happy with it. And after I graduated, I didn’t keep it updated and eventually it fell out of use.

Every time I start to get into the world of shaders, I inevitably find myself spending hours and hours searching for the exact shader that I want to use for whatever project I’m working on. This is tedious work that I can guarantee all game developers can relate to.

The graphics and computer graphics community has been filled with hot takes recently, as people have been disagreeing about the best way to make 3d graphics. Some people love the power of HLSL (High Level Shader Language), others passionately hate it. Some people love the flexibility of GLSL (Graphic Library Shader Language), others hate it. The reality is, there’s no correct answer: all of these are just different, slightly different, ways of doing the same thing.

edit?usp=sharing - I made a tool so you never have to look for a shader again.


Hello all

(I’m copying and pasting from my article on the Destiny companion app)

I just squandered a few of hours of my Wednesday to put this together. When I discovered how long it takes to go through all of the shaders, I set out to find a method to make it a LOT quicker. That is, with this sheet.

This tool works by assigning each shader 2 of its most common colors. The most common color (primary) is across the top of the sheet, and secondary color is down the side. Lets say you want a shader that is mostly red with a bit of blue. First, you would find the “red” column, then find the “blue” row and where they intersect. That square contains all the shaders that fit that description. Say, Devil in the Details. Use the second sheet and find the name in the leftmost column. The row tells you where to find the shader in the collections>flair>shaders section. Devil in the Details is in Activities, 1 A 3. In activites, page 1, leftmost column (ABC), row 3rd from the top. Preview it, and see if its what youre looking for. As a side note, any shader with () after it, is a trinary shader, which instead of having a “strong” color and a “weak” color, may have one “strong” color and two “weak” colors. Examples of this include many of the white/grey shaders like iron mossbone, which has a significant amount of gold, rather than just being 95% white and grey. Shaders that are in a c / c cell are solid color shaders. Shaders that are >95% of one color, such as bitterpearl or honors of the nine in the white / white cell.

However, there are a few issues with this. The first is because fate color palettes are far from straightforward. You choose a shader with a red and white symbol, but when you preview it, your chestplate is green, despite the fact that the icon contains no green. As a result, there may be some irregularities with the tool. Bungie’s shaders, I believe, were created by assigning colors to materials rather than generic colors. For instance, all metals should be x, all textiles should be y, and all fabric accents should be z on a character. Color rotations should be varied for each armor piece, such that not every armor has a main color and the primary and secondary colors are exchanged. This would result in a slew of various armors displaying previously unseen colors that emerge at random from the symbol.

So if you test a shader and it has drastically different colors than what you see on the sheet, please let me know so I can go back and fix it. There are several shaders that aren’t on the list if you check at the bottom of the first page. These are shaders I couldn’t place since the color combinations were perplexing (e.g. purple/green/brown) or the colors varied greatly depending on the armor. I’ll eventually go back and put them where they go and update the sheet.

Have fun coloring!

Original source: link

  • Why hasn’t a “Destiny-killer” been created?

    If you’ve attempted to keep track of Destiny over the last six years, you’re undoubtedly wondering how it’s still going strong. “How is it that a franchise that has gone up and down three times is still profitable?” The solution, I believe, may be found in James Cameron’s Avatar. After some consideration, I came up with an idea.

  • Never fear a Galleon again, Solo Sloopers.

    I’ve seen a lot of folks on this sub complaining about getting annihilated by a four-man galleon while they’re playing alone. As a sloop, I’ll explain why you should never be concerned about galleons. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible when describing moves, but I’m assuming…


For the game Destiny 2, write “I developed a tool so you never have to search for a shader again.”

2021’s Top 35 New PC Games

Are you looking for PC games to play? Here are all of the new PC games to keep an eye on in 2021.


20 Best New PS4 Games in 2021

The pace of PlayStation 4 game releases isn’t going to slow down in 2021. Here’s everything to look forward to in the coming months.


I have looked and looked for a great free GLSL shader editor, and I just can’t seem to find one. I’m not talking about a simple one-click-edit shader feature in a game engine, I’m talking about something that will allow you to design a shader program the way you want, without having to go looking around for one. If you’ve ever made a shader and you can look at your code and say “man, that’s a mess” you will know what I’m talking about.. Read more about seus shaders and let us know what you think.

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LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look


In the first game of the LPL Summer Playoffs, defending champion Royal Never Give Up (RNG) took on Super Mass…

LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look

LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG vs SN Quick Look

LeagueofLegends11 - LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 - LNG vs SN Quick Look

Hey Guys,


Because the games start today, I thought I’d put up a short list of LPL Playoff Team information to help you get ready:




LNG: 8th place with 10 wins and 6 losses. Summer began with a 7-0 record. Tarzan is the main character.

Ale is the top laner (Previously known as Natural from DMO)

  • Camille, Jax, and Akali are the top three most played characters in Camille’s career.
  • Camille, Akali, and Gwen/Viego are the top three most popular summer songs.
  • LNG has the greatest DMG percentage (26.5%).


Tarzan, the Jungler


  • Xin, Olaf, and Diana/Lee are the top three most popular summer games.
  • Played 14 Different Champions
  • In the summer, there are ten MVPs (Tied 3rd in the league)
  • All-Pro 1st Team Jungler in the LPL


Mid: Icon


  • Ryze, Leblanc, and Lucian/Sylas are the top three most popular summer games.
  • In the summer, 17 different champions competed.
  • With 8 MVPs, LNG has the second highest MVP total (Tied 7th in the league)


ADC: Aesthetic Design Concepts


  • Varus, Jinx/Ezreal, and Ashe are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • On his top three games, he had a KDA of 7 or higher.
  • 0.3 percentage point DMG is 26.2 percent behind Ale.


Iwandy is on your side.


  • Naut, Thresh, and Leona/Rakan are the most popular summer games.
  • LNG has the highest KP at 70.4 percent.
  • In the summer, he only received one MVP award:'(




Suning: 9th place with a score of 9-7. Summer 2-4 years ago SofM is a key player.

Top: Bin


  • Gwen, Camille, and Jayce are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • At 8 a.m., the highest MVP’s on Suning in Summer (tied 7th)
  • He’s just in his second year in LPL (And has been in playoffs every split except his debut in 2020 Spring)



SofM: Jungle


  • Lee, Xin, and Rumble are the top three most popular summer games.
  • Suning has the highest KP at 73.1 percent.
  • At 13 games, he has played Lee Sin the most of any role in the LPL.



Angel (middle)


  • Summer’s top three most popular games are TF/Sylas, Sett, and Lulu.
  • In the summer, 19 different champions competed.
  • Summer has the highest KDA at 5.3.



Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Huanfeng, Hu



  • Varus, Jinx, and Kalista/Ezreal are the top three most popular summer characters.
  • Suning has the highest DMG percent at 28.1 percent.
  • Suning has the highest gold percentage (24.3%).


Support is turned on.



  • Leona, Naut, and Braum are the most popular summer songs.
  • In Summer, Rakan and Alistar were both defeated 4-0.
  • He’s just in his first year in the LPL.




Crossover Picks to Keep an Eye On:


  • Gwen and Camille at the top of the page
  • Xin and Lee in the Jungle
  • Sylas, in the middle? (This is dependent on Nerf.) In addition, their pools include 17/19 Unique Champions. ANYTHING IS CONSIDERED POSSIBLE.
  • Varus, Jinx, and Ezreal are the ADCs.
  • Leona, Naut, and Thresh provide support.





I hope this gives you a great starting point for tonight’s game!


Munchables & Dagda will be opening!!! (>’o’)> LPL 2021 Summer Playoffs Begin TONIGHT @ 5PM China Time | 2 AM PDT | 9 AM GMT + 0

Original source: link

  • Team Preview for the LPL Summer Playoffs

    The LPL Summer Playoffs in 2021 are just around the corner! For those who haven’t been keeping up, we’ve put together a preview of the teams vying for the title and one of the four Worlds berths awarded to the LPL! 1. Phoenix Funplus Following previous year’s failure to qualify for Worlds, the 2019 world…

  • LNG: An LPL Surprise from the Serpent’s Ashes

    This year in the LPL, there have been a lot of unexpected twists and turns. As the season progresses, both new and veteran clubs have started to establish themselves as major contenders. LNG is one such group that is presently blowing everyone’s expectations out of the water. The squad that was eliminated from the competition…

  • End-of-Round Reports: A Quick Update from the Team

    Hello there, everyone! I wanted to give you all an update on the End of Round Issues that have been reported since we launched version 6.2 yesterday. I’ll put the most essential information up top, and the details will be down below if you’re interested. What’s going on? You haven’t received a…

For the game League of Legends, write “LPL Summer Playoffs Round 1 – LNG versus SN Quick Look.”

2021’s Top 35 New PC Games

Are you looking for PC games to play? Here are all of the new PC games to keep an eye on in 2021.


20 Best New PS4 Games in 2021

The pace of PlayStation 4 game releases isn’t going to slow down in 2021. Here’s everything to look forward to in the coming months.


The LPL has ended and just like last year, the first round of playoffs are about to take place. Last year thepaiN took the series 2-0 against Royal Never Give Up, this year it’s Team WE who have gotten the series off to a good start with a 2-0 set against Team WE. Team WE have shown they are one of the strongest teams in the LPL and should be a legitimate contender for the title, but LNG has shown they have what it takes to shake things up.. Read more about suning vs lng game 3 and let us know what you think.

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Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2021, Guardians!


In the year 2021, it will be the 25th anniversary of the Gjallarhorn, a call to arms that is sounded by several Guardians on each planet in the solar system, inspiring the people of that planet to fight back and protect themselves. The Gjallarhorn, the “Gjallarhorn Day”, is a celebration of the day that each planet’s Guardians woke up and started fighting for what was right. It is a celebration of hope, and a call to action.

It’s the most important day of the year for Guardians, which is why I’ve made this blog post.

Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2021, Guardians! As for the game itself, Destiny 2 will have its release date at some point in the future and has got a release date of September 8th, 2019. The release date of the game will be announced during E3 2019.

Greetings, Guardians!

“Good morning, Charlie!” you say now.

Wait… The wrong franchise…



Xur gave us the most powerful, noob-slapping, God-slaying Rocket Launcher this game has ever seen on the day of legend, 08/14/15. It has unrivaled power, yet its LFG needs are insane. This thing shattered friendships, hearts, Crota, Clans, Nightfalls, and everything else. DTG - Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2021, Guardians!

r/DTG, and, of course, the internet.

Every year, on the Friday closest to August 14th (or, in this instance, August 13th), we celebrate Gjallarhorn Day, which begins about D1 reset time, when Xur comes. We’re doing this to pay tribute to Xur’s legendary bounty and to guarantee maximum shitposting because…

Rule 2, 3, and 6 are suspended for the next 24 hours.

Newbies, you read it correctly. Shitposts, memes, and LFG posting are prohibited until 10 a.m. US Eastern time tomorrow, August 14th.

Are there any photos of cats? Let your imagination go wild.

Do you have any dog videos? Take a chance.

Is there a meme of Spongebob teaching Patrick on the macroeconomic pillars? It’s a little strange, but it’s not illegal.

Platform neutrality and civility are still maintained. Also, no NSFW, witchhunting, sexism, racism, NSFL, or anything else that isn’t clearly stated.

What about the rest of it? Let your imagination go wild.

Here’s a journey down memory lane to bring you up to date or remind you of the good old days.


  • Megathread Xur

  • MODS 2015-08-14 RIP

— Me showing up to inform r/DestinyTheGame about Xur’s sale of the Gjallarhorn

  • Take a look at this dog.

  • In the Cosmodrome, I came into a Guardian who was a bit too enthusiastic about their new Gjallarhorn.


  • FRIDAY RETROSPECTIVE – The Xur “Megathread” from Week 2 for your amusement.

  • FRIDAY RETROSPECTIVE – The Xur “Megathread” from Week 2 for your amusement.

  • I painted your gjallarhorn in the spirit of today.

  • What? GJALLARHORN is growing and changing!


  • It’s over. I went out and purchased another gjallarhorn! I’m at a loss on what to do, so if this gets more than 100 upmotes, I’ll shave my legs.

  • in remembrance of the gjallarhorn If this receives 200 uphorns, I’ll shave my friend’s brow.

  • Gjallarhorn.

  • Megathread of Osiris Trials, I suppose…


  • Now that the moderators have left, everyone should upvote this kitty.

  • Congratulations on your new Gjallarhorn, Deej!

  • My 68-year-old father, on the other hand, enjoys video games. This is the first time he’s asked me for a favor.

  • Today has been incredible, but…

  • ANNOUNCEMENT – In 30 minutes, the whole set of regulations will be in force.

And, as an added treat, this was not from Gjallarhorn Day, but from the very first time Xur sold Gjallarhorn, in September 2014. Who can forget the timeless words, “Who can forget these immortal words?”

  • It’s a waste of an exotic slot to purchase an exotic heavy weapon.

– “Guardians, feel the thunder of our Wolfpack Rounds.” Shaxx –

Please note that we have implemented a restriction that only active subreddit members will be allowed to participate.

Are you looking for PC games to play? Here are all of the new PC games to keep an eye on in 2021.

The pace of PlayStation 4 game releases isn’t going to slow down in 2021. Here’s everything to look forward to in the coming months.

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The Best Companions in Enter the Gungeon (Our Top Picks) –


Gungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler from developer DotEmu. It has been in development for more than 6 years and features an expansive cast of characters.  We’ve chosen our favorite companions from the game, and put them in a list to help you decide who to bring along on your next run through the dungeon.

The best companions in Enter The Gungeon can make a pretty big difference in your daily life, and if you’re looking for more information on this topic, then you’ll definitely want to check out our complete list of top companions.

There are a lot of gun games that have been released over the last few years. From casual bedroom experiments on Steam to AAA titles on consoles, there is a lot of variety in the gun games genre. But there are certain games that stand out as the best at each genre. Enter the Gungeon is one of those games.

There are no restrictions on bringing a friend or servant inside the Gungeon.

However, most Gungeoneers prefer to do it alone in their search for the past-killing gun.

Except for the Hunter, of course. That puppy is really beautiful.

Even in this labyrinth of gunfire, friends join your campaign all the time, and even the other Gungeoneers form bonds in the heat of combat.

Various passive goods may call troops to assist you in combating the Gungeon’s hazards. They’ll also satisfy your character’s profound need for friendship, which he conceals beneath a harsh demeanor.

Let us pair you with the ideal partner.


Chicken Flute No. 10

Chicken Flute in GungeonImage Credit:

The Chicken Flute will be instantly recognizable to fans of The Legend of Zelda as the Fairy Ocarina from Ocarina of Time (1998) – and it doesn’t stop there.

A single chicken will start following the player once they take up the ocarina, blocking bullets and sometimes inflicting contact damage.

It’ll call a swarm of feathered pals to terrify all foes in the area if it takes enough damage, just as Cuccos did when Link fought him.

This B-tier item works well with The Scrambler, doubling damage potential and boosting shot size by multiplying enemy-seeking pellets and increasing shot size.

By clearing The Bullet’s history, you’ll be able to unlock it.


9. Good Baby Mimic

Baby Good Mimic in Enter the GungeonImage Credit:

Mimics are a brutal reality of role-playing games, and they can quickly transform a moment of victory into an early death – but they aren’t all terrible.

This tiny imitation has mistook you for its mother for one reason or another.

And it’ll do all it can to keep you safe.

When struck, this includes deflecting bullets and firing in unpredictable directions.

The capacity of this B-tier buddy to change into a duplicate of any other sidekick you have is what really sets it apart. With strong friends like Ser Junkan and the Super Space Turtle, this can make a big impact.


8. Owl

Owl Companion in Enter the GungeonImage Credit:

So you were rushing down to Platform 9 34 when you got lost and ended yourself in the Gungeon?

Don’t be concerned! Hedwi – I mean, the Owl – has arrived to assist.

You will not get any communication if you purchase this S-tier item.

However, it will happily fire pellets at your foes and defend you with short-range blanks.

It also has a lot of strong synergies with a lot of other weapons, the most of which having something to do with magic. The Dungeon Eagle, the Bundle of Wands, and the Witch Pistol are among them.

Win 10 wagers with the Gunsling King to unlock.


7. The Turtle from Outer Space

Super Space Turtle GungeonImage Credit:

The Super Space Turtle, a tiny cosmonaut with an even smaller pistol, is without a doubt the game’s cutest friend.

Rather than following you around, this space hero is proactive in clearing areas and will chase down your foes.

While this B-tier companion is very strong on its own, it may synergize with the Yellow Chamber and cause it to get stuck.

Our turtle’s damage rises as a result, and its bullets become more penetrating.

Defeat the Blobulord to unlock.


6. The Turtle Issue

Turtle Problem Gungeon ScreenImage Credit:

If you use the Super Space Turtle to help you get to the Forge and defeat the dragon, you’ll get the Turtle Problem, which is one of my favorite C-tier items.

When you pick it up, you’ll see a friendly turtle approach — not the super space type, but the normal kind.

You’ll have another one join you for the remainder of the level every time you clean a room.

The turtles are docile and hardly keep up with the player, but their shells can withstand a lot of punishment. It’s like having a walking shield that follows you around after you’ve gathered a large enough army.

Unlock by defeating High Dragun when accompanied by the Super Space Turtle buddy.


Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton, Shelleton

Baby Good Shelleton Throne in GungeonImage Credit:

Shelletons are among the Gungeon’s most dangerous foes.

They’re also among the tallest in the world!

They, too, had a period when they were cute little baby skeletons.

The Baby Good Shelleton is an S-tier buddy that uses a green variant of the Shelleton’s laser beam to strike your opponents.

It has a lot of reach and does a lot of damage.

If you have the Shellegun or Shelleton Key, this grave boy becomes much better.


4. R2G2

R2G2 from GungeonImage Credit:

R2G2 is the way to go if you want a buddy who will take the fight to your opponents and change the tide of battle.

This Gunmech Robot will follow you until it finds opponents, which it will attack with devastating projectile barrages.

It can also soar across pits to reach far-off enemies, which makes it very helpful against Fuselier and the High Dragun.

This S-tier buddy is a charming homage to one of the most famous robots in sci-fi: R2D2 from the Star Wars saga, as most of you undoubtedly guessed.

Unlock by repairing the Black Powder Mine’s elevator.


3. Pig

Pig in Enter the GungeonImage Credit:

This pig doesn’t seem to be much at first glance.

In fact, it’s a little shaky.

And, given that all it does is follow you about and (accidentally) deflect shots, you can’t help but be suspicious of its motives.

As it turns out, all this Pig needs is a little prodding to awaken its inner bravery.

If it notices that its master is about to perish, it will leap in front of oncoming harm to rescue them.

Witnessing such a noble gesture inspires you to ensure that their death is not in vain – resulting in a full health bar and the ability to continue fighting.

This A-tier item is already deserving of a high ranking. Nonetheless, strong synergies with The Scrambler, the Elephant Gun, the Ring of Miserly Protection, and other items elevate it to new heights.

Complete the search for three The Beholsters to unlock.


Clown Mask No. 2

Clown Mask in Enter the GungeonImage Credit:

You’ll know the Clown Mask and the assistance it summons if you’ve ever played the excellent bank robbery simulator Payday 2 (2013).

This B-tier item was introduced to the game as part of a cross-promotional event between Enter the Gungeon and Payday 2, which included many allegoric goods.

The Clown Mask, the Loot Bag, and the Drill are among them.

The mask will call a Payday 2 character to protect you against your attackers on its own, but each new promotional item you get will add a new buddy.

You’ll eventually have a whole squad that can shock opponents, fire shotguns at them, and defend you with blanks.

Steal the mask from the store to unlock.


Ser Junkan is number one.

Ser Junkans in GungeonImage Credit:

Ser Junkan, everyone’s favorite consolation prize, is at the front of the pack, an amazing buddy who is all about recycling and upcycling.

Ser Junkan may be a C-tier item, but he isn’t to be taken lightly.

At first, this filthy paper bag won’t do any harm.

But if you keep feeding him junk from broken chests, he’ll eventually piece together the gear he needs to appear like a genuine knight.

Ser Junkan becomes more strong as more Junk is collected, eventually inflicting enormous damage and gaining powers such as reviving the player after death.

If you’re fortunate enough to discover Gold Junk, he can also operate a badass mecha.

Unlock by: Defeating a boss after Ser Junkan has been upgraded to +3.

This week we’re going to be playing the roguelike bullet hell homage to SNES games, Enter the Gungeon. One of the most interesting aspects of this roguelike is the fact that there’s no real way to really know what weapons you will have when you start. You can pick up every gun you come across, but you may find yourself without a gun if you’ve picked up the wrong one. It’s possible to eventually get every gun in the game, but it may take some time, and it’s nice to have a quick reference to the best guns in the game.. Read more about enter the gungeon wiki and let us know what you think.

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Best CDM in FIFA 21 – top-rated players and best young prospects


This year’s FIFA 21 is undoubtedly the most exciting in the series’ history, and we’ve got our fingers and hearts firmly crossed that it’s the first of many. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to have some in-depth look at which defenders are the best in the game, and where the young talent is for each of them.

This is a quick overview of the best CDM in FIFA 21. There are many players that can do well on the CDM role, but it is always better to focus on a few players that are likely to perform well. In FIFA, you can find the best players in a number of areas like goal scoring, dribbling, physical strength and stamina, passing, and defending. The best CDM in FIFA 21 will have all these factors in his favor.

This year’s edition of FIFA, the most popular football game, is nearing its July release and now is the time when most “off-season” updates to the game are rolled out, in order to improve player ratings and game performance. This means that most of the top players in all areas of the game have been released and it is time to check them out in this new FIFA game.

Best CDM in FIFA 21

We’ve covered some of the greatest offensive players in previous articles, such as strikers and wingers, but this time we’ll focus on the most important section of your team: the midfield. CDMs are probably the most important component of any football squad, yet they are often overlooked in favor of bigger defenders or flashier attackers. 

In any case, having a strong presence in the middle of your offensive and defensive lines may be very beneficial. As a result, we’ve chosen to take a deeper look at some of FIFA 21’s top-rated CDMs as well as some inexpensive possibilities who can be developed into world-class players. 

In FIFA 21, the best CDM is

CDM with the highest rating

In FIFA 21, these are the top-rated and greatest overall central defensive midfielders: 

  1. Real Madrid/Casemiro Brazil’s (89)
  2. Chelsea/N’Golo France’s Kante (88)
  3. Bayern Munich/Joshua Germany’s Kimmich (88).
  4. Sergio Busquets (87) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona FC.
  5. Fabinho (87), a Liverpool/Brazil midfielder
  6. Liverpool/Jordan England’s Henderson (86)
  7. Rodri (85) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Manchester City.
  8. Leicester City/Wilfred Nigeria’s Ndidi (84)
  9. Lazio/Lucas Brazil’s Pezzini Leiva (84)
  10. Axel Witsel (84) is a Belgian footballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund.
  11. Internazionale/Croatia Marcelo Brozovic (84)
  12. PSG/Idrissa Senegal’s Gueye (84)
  13. Fernando Reges (83) is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Sevilla FC.
  14. Denis Zakaria (83) is a Swiss footballer who plays for Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
  15. Inter Miami/Blaise France’s Matuidi (83)
  16. Charles Aranguiz (83) is a Chilean footballer who plays for Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
  17. PSG/Danilo Portugal’s Luis Helio Pereira (82)
  18. RB Leipzig/Konrad Austria’s Laimer (82)
  19. Bayern Munich/Javier Spain’s Martinez (81)
  20. Arsenal/Lucas Uruguay’s Torreira (81)
  21. West Ham United/Czech Republic’s Tomas Soucek (81)
  22. Manchester United/Frederico Brazil’s de Paula Santos (81)
  23. Marten de Roon (81), a Dutchman from Atalanta,
  24. Borussia Dortmund/Thomas Denmark’s Delaney (81)
  25. Real Sociedad (Spain) – Asier Illarramendi (80)

Cheapest CDM

This category comprises of players under the age of 21 who cost less than £10 million to acquire and who, with appropriate training and development, can grow into elite-level players. 

  1. Tyler Adams (76-85) – RB Leipzig/USA – £9.9 million
  2. LOSC Lille/France – Boubakary Soumare (76-85) – £9.9m
  3. Famalicao/Brazil – Gustavo Assuncao (74-86) – £8.6m
  4. Slavia Praha/Liberia – Oscar Dorley (73-83) – £5.4m
  5. Bayern Munich (Germany) – Adrian Fein (72-83) – £4.2 million
  6. Tudor Baluta (71-82) – £3.4 million – Brighton/Romania
  7. OGC Nice/France – Khephren Thuram (71-82) – £3.3m
  8. Pape Gueye (70-84) – £3.3 million – Olympique de Marseille/France
  9. Pepelu (70-82) – £2.7m – Vitoria Guimaraes, Spain
  10. Lewis Ferguson (69-84) – £2 million – Aberdeen/Scotland
  11. IFK Goteborg/Nigeria – Alhassan Yusuf (69-83) – £1.9m
  12. River Plate/Argentina – Santiago Sosa (69-82) – £1.7m
  13. Spartak Moscow/Russia — Nail Umyarov (68-84) – £1.7 million
  14. Cristian Casseres Jr. (68-83) – £1.7 million – New York Red Bulls/Venezuela
  15. Norwich City/England – £1.6 million Oliver Skipp (68-84)
  16. Melgar FBC/Peru – Jesus Pretell (67-82) – £1.4m
  17. Watford (England) – James Garner (66-84) – £1.2 million
  18. Bayern Munich II (Germany) – Angelo Stiller (64-82) – £810k 
  19. Estudiantes/Argentina – David Ayala (61-82) – £473k
  20. LOSC Lille/Mexico – Eugenio Pizzuto (59-82) – £293k

Fantasy Football is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of people spending their Sundays and Mondays investing everything they have into the dream of winning the league – and one of the 10 players you pick in your team could be the difference between being crowned the champion or just another loser. To help you choose the best player to fit your fantasy team, we have compiled a list of some of the top players and young prospects in FIFA 20, giving you a better idea of which players you should consider when you draft your team.. Read more about best young strikers fifa 21 and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who are the best young CDM in FIFA 21?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best young CDM in FIFA 21 are probably the following players:

1. Thiago Silva (PSG)
2. Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus)
3. Mats Hummels (Bayern Munich)”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the highest rated CDM in FIFA 21?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The highest rated CDM in FIFA 21 is David Alaba.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the best young CDM in FIFA 20?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best young CDM in FIFA 21?

The best young CDM in FIFA 21 are probably the following players: 1. Thiago Silva (PSG) 2. Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus) 3. Mats Hummels (Bayern Munich)

Who is the highest rated CDM in FIFA 21?

The highest rated CDM in FIFA 21 is David Alaba.

Who is the best young CDM in FIFA 20?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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Are Monitor Headphones Good for Gaming? –


You might have heard of the gaming headset trend, where companies like Razer, Turtle Beach, Astro, and others have come out with headsets that resemble the look of a video game console. While many of these headsets have a lot of hype surrounding them, others have fallen short and left gamers disappointed.

We received a lot of questions for our Gaming Headphones Guide, so we decided to create a new article focusing on mixing Monitor headphones with Gaming Audio. Many gamers often wonder if Monitor Headphones are compatible with games. So, we decided to investigate this topic, and summarize our findings into three key points.

You may have heard about gaming headsets before, but what you may not have considered is how they actually perform. We put the popular Logitech G933 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset to the test, and here’s what we found.

When people ask us what they should purchase to improve their competitive gaming, we always recommend a decent set of headphones. However, there are a variety of headphones accessible right now, leaving gamers to ponder how best to spend their money.

We’ll try to address that question by examining if and why monitor headphones are useful for gaming.

This article is part of a partnership with AudiphileHaven.com.

Is Gaming with Monitor Headphones a Good Idea?


Yes. Gaming with monitor headphones is a fantastic idea. However, they aren’t as excellent as gaming headphones for gaming. Monitor headphones, often known as studio headphones, are used to analyze music on a technical level. Gaming headphones, on the other hand, are designed to concentrate on particular noises, such as opponent footsteps. 

Gaming headphones, on the whole, are better for gaming. It should come as no surprise that both kinds of headphones are intended for distinct reasons. 

If you already have monitor headphones or intend to use them to mix music, there’s no reason why you can’t use them for gaming. 


We’ll go into more detail about this further down, but the basic line is that it all boils down to sound frequencies. 

Specific noises, such as opponent footsteps, are emphasized using gaming headphones. This enables them to be heard clearly over gunshots and car noise. 

On the other hand, monitor headphones are flat. There is no emphasis or de-emphasis on any particular sound. This enables producers to hear songs as close to the original recording as possible. 

There are a few additional considerations, such as studio imaging, but that is the foundation of why gaming headphones are preferable to monitor headphones for gaming. 

What are Monitor Headphones and How Do I Use Them?

Headphones for monitoring and studio usage are interchangeable. For our purposes, they’re the same. 

We’re referring to the headphones that music producers utilize. Imagine a step up from getting a decent set of headphones to the point where you identify instruments you didn’t know were on a song before. Monitor headphones are exactly what they sound like. 

They’re made to replicate the music’s original sound as closely as possible.

The term “monitor headphones” refers to the practice of listening to music while recording. This method entails dissecting individual sounds on a recording on a technical level. As a result, each individual instrument must be heard. 

Monitoring headphones feature a neutral frequency response, which means they don’t accentuate or de-emphasize particular frequencies. It’s the polar opposite of the “Beats” headphones, which dominated the market with their bass increase.

The Frequency Range of Monitor Headphones Is Wide and Flat


For high quality headphones, the typical frequency range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This implies the headphones can generate a deep base frequency of 20 Hz and a treble frequency of 20,000 Hz. It’s the sound range that the headphones can properly reproduce. 

Monitor headphones may produce sounds in this range, and occasionally much higher. These headphones’ expanded frequency range improves the listening experience by generating additional sounds that match the original recording. 

This broad range also enables for a clear and distinct distinction between high and low sounds, rather of them all merging into one tone. 

That’s when a frequency range with a flat frequency range comes into play. Unlike the previously stated “bass enhanced” headphones, this keeps the sound levels constant no matter what Hz level the headphones are generating at any one time throughout a track. 

Producers almost exclusively use monitor headphones.

Monitor headphones aren’t advised for everyday listening, even for music fans. The blandness of the music is due to the flat nature of the range frequency. You won’t experience the adrenaline-pumping highs and lows that you’d expect from excellent music. 

That’s not to suggest you can’t listen to music using monitor or studio headphones on a daily basis, but the technical aspect detracts from the enjoyment of the song. 

However, we’re not interested in using monitor headphones to listen to music. We’re looking at them through the lens of gaming. We’re not as concerned with the game’s sound quality as we are with locating the sound source.

Given all of this, you wouldn’t be wrong to believe studio headphones are ideal for competitive gaming. The truth is a bit less black and white than that in reality. 

Monitor Headphones vs. Gaming Headphones: What’s the Difference? 

There are a few key distinctions between monitor headphones and gaming headphones. The major difference is the flat frequency range of studio headphones vs the curves seen on gaming headphones. 

Headphones for gaming aren’t flat.


Monitor headphones, as previously stated, are flat to match the sound of the original recording. That’s wonderful for making music, but not so good when we need some sounds to be louder than others. 

Explosions and footsteps are two famous instances of this. 

While the sounds of explosions are useless for our purposes in competitive gaming, there’s no denying that they sound amazing. Due to the accentuated bass, these explosions will sound much more powerful and deadly with gaming headphones than with studio headphones. 

However, the importance of one’s footprints is immeasurable. 

Boosted highs enable enemy footsteps to ring out clearly, similar to how boosted bass makes explosions sound louder. The sound of footsteps would be lost in the noise of gunfire and activity if you wore monitor headphones. They’re clear and loud with gaming headphones. This is why gaming headphones are so popular. 

However, it’s not only the footfall that are difficult to hear. They’re also more difficult to locate. 

The sound stage of gaming headphones is very small. The different pieces of audio you hear are kept close together in limited sound stages, giving you greater positional precision on where each sound is originating from. Monitor headphones, on the other hand, are more likely to have a wide soundstage. This makes the audio components more spread out and “airy,” making pinpointing more difficult. 

This distinction may also be seen in imaging. Sound localization is closely linked to imaging. The term “surround sound” is often used by gaming headphone makers to describe this. 

Simply said, if anything happens to the left of your character, it will be heard via the left earphone, and vice versa. Monitor headphones offer great imaging, but their broad sound stage restricts performance in this area when compared to gaming headphones with more limited specs. 

Other Technical Dissimilarities 

The most important distinctions between gaming and monitor headphones are listed above. These considerations lead us to believe that gaming headphones are superior than monitor headphones for gaming. However, they aren’t the only distinctions. There are a few more to be found. When comparing the two, for example, compatibility may be a problem. When it comes to audio jacks, this is especially true. 

3.5mm audio jacks are used by the majority of gaming headphones. This is the typical size of an industry. Your PlayStation controllers and PC connections are also built to suit that size. 6.5mm jacks, on the other hand, are used in monitor headphones. These aren’t going to fit into any 3.5mm ports. 

Adapters, of course, can be used to get around this. However, compared to the plug-and-play convenience of gaming headsets, this additional step may be inconvenient.  

Finally, we must consider comfort. In this respect, both monitor headphones and gaming headphones are excellent, but they are not on an equal basis. 

Monitor headphones are designed for long-term usage at all levels. Producers may work for up to 10 hours in a single sitting, thus the headphones are built to keep them comfortable. 

While this is true for high-end gaming headsets, it is not true for cheap headsets. You won’t get the same degree of comfort with a gaming headset for less than $100 as you would from a studio set for the same price.  



Can I Listen to Music While Wearing Monitor Headphones?

You are free to do so, but you should not. They’re great for mixing and producing music, but not so much for casual listening. 

This is due to the fact that monitor headphones do not amplify any frequencies. The high notes and deep bass tones that you associate with your favorite music will be less vivid than with headphones intended for casual usage. 

Monitor Headphones vs Gaming Headphones: Which is Better for Gaming?

Headphones for gaming. Because of the difference in design, gaming headphones may emphasize key noises as well as the direction from which they are originating. 

What are the Functions of Monitor Headphones?

Music producers utilize monitor headphones, often known as studio headphones, while working on beats and songs. They provide listeners an in-depth experience that enables them to concentrate on individual instruments. 

I was asked by a reader recently if monitor headphones were good for gaming. Generally speaking, they are decent enough if you want to hear your game’s audio while using a computer. But if you’re going to want to be bothered with the wires and/or the noise they make while being plugged in, then you’ll want to play your game using game-specific headset with your console, computer, or mobile device.. Read more about best studio headphones for gaming 2020 and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are studio monitoring headphones good for gaming?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Studio monitoring headphones are a good choice for gaming because they allow you to hear the games sound in detail.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which headphones are good for gaming?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best headphones for gaming are the ones that you can hear your game audio and your chat audio at the same time.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why do gamers use studio headphones?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Studio headphones are designed to provide a more accurate sound reproduction. This is because they have flat, wide-range drivers that can reproduce all frequencies of sound in the audible range.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Are studio monitoring headphones good for gaming?

Studio monitoring headphones are a good choice for gaming because they allow you to hear the games sound in detail.

Which headphones are good for gaming?

The best headphones for gaming are the ones that you can hear your game audio and your chat audio at the same time.

Why do gamers use studio headphones?

Studio headphones are designed to provide a more accurate sound reproduction. This is because they have flat, wide-range drivers that can reproduce all frequencies of sound in the audible range.

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The Ascent Seen through First-Person Arguably Puts Cyberpunk 2077 to Shame


A new Cyberpunk 2077 trailer showed off a pretty cool scene in the game: a first-person view from the eyes of a protagonist, climbing up a skyscraper. I’ve played a few first-person games, and enjoyed them, but I’ve never seen one that made the player climb up a building. This looked cool. I had to check it out.

A while back, I put together a list of up-and-coming first-person shooters. While there are a number of shooters on the horizon, there are only a few that have been confirmed for release in the next five years. That is where ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ comes in. While some people may disagree, I think ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is by far the most likely of these upcoming games to make it to market. The game is being developed by CD Projekt RED, the same team behind ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’, which sold over 20 million copies. They are definitely a studio with the capacity to deliver on a AAA title, and the Witcher series has cemented their reputation as being

The flight sim enthusiast community is a unique one, in that they tend to be more open about their love for the genre, and how much they like certain others. People who play flight sims are often considered more open-minded, friendly, and community-oriented than other gamers. All of this means that the flight sim community is often a hotbed for game discussion—as is evidenced by the thousands of posts that are made every month on the popular flight sim discussion forum “SimHQ”.

The-Ascent-Seen-through-First-Person-Arguably-Puts-Cyberpunk-2077-toImage courtesy of Neon Digital

The Ascent gamers now get a closer look at the indie game’s stunning, neon-lit graphics thanks to a clever technique revealed by YouTuber Gaming with Griff Griffin. With the use of a program called the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker, users may activate a free camera in the game, enabling them to watch the game from a first-person viewpoint.

The outcomes are unexpected. Despite being an isometric shooter intended to be seen from afar with a top-down camera viewpoint, The Ascent has a remarkable level of detail even up close, good enough to compete with first-person shooters.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of them. Many Ascent fans have said that Neon Giant has created an even more realistic cyberpunk experience than CD PROJEKT RED’s divisive game, and this new first-person camera option seems to back up their claims. While the texturing might be improved in certain places, The Ascent’s graphics and environmental design probably outshine many aspects of Cyberpunk 2077.

Unfortunately, since this technique only uses a free camera, The Ascent cannot be played in first-person view. It does, however, offer a good sense of what an Ascent sequel or spin-off could look like if Neon Digital chooses to make a first-person shooter or RPG.


The Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker is the program I use. You download it, run it while The Ascent is running, and then utilize the terminal window to enter instructions to activate various effects.

A free camera is one of them. So, if you’re wondering how to zoom out the camera in The Ascent, the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker may help you out.

Griff Griffin is a gamer that likes to play video games.

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Cyberpunk is a genre that has been both embraced and criticized since its inception in the early 80s—and there’s no shortage of opinions on the state of its successor, Cyberpunk 2077. The latest trailer for CD Projekt Red’s latest blockbuster has been hotly-debated by players and critics alike, as it’s been described as “a mixture of Bioshock and Splinter Cell” by one, and “an unenjoyable slog” by another.. Read more about cyberpunk 2077 ps4 patch and let us know what you think.

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