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Sims 4 Haunted House CC, Mods & Lots –


A new set of free Sims 4 downloads has just been released! These files include CC, Mods, and lots of other goodies that will enhance your haunted house building experience. I’ve included links to all of the mods so you can find them easily!

Welcome to the Sims 4 Haunted House CC! This is the second part of a larger compilation of mods that can be used in a TS4 mod-enabled game. The other part is the Sims 4 Graveyard CC and Sims 4 Park CC. sims 4 haunted house cc: “The Sims 4 Haunted House CC is a set of mods that add custom content to The Sims 4.”

Sims 4 Haunted House CC, Mods & Lots – Sims 4 is the newest game from EA and Maxis, and it comes with just about everything you could want in a game. It has content, custom content, mods, and lots options, and most of it is free. This blog post will provide you with a ton of information about the game, how to get mods, and how to get more options.

Haunted homes have existed since… well, since houses were created, I suppose.

If you believe in God, it makes perfect sense that some souls haven’t moved on and are still alive in a location that had a significant effect on their life.

If you’re not a believer, everything may be attributed to a home being scary and frightening people.

Forget about the footsteps, phantom whispers, and creaking shackles. Isn’t that all very understandable?

Hmm. Perhaps it’s better to leave the decision to the experts.

There are many ways to take this concept and run with it in The Sims 4 while remaining safe behind your computer screen. It’s definitely more enjoyable than real life since you’re not afraid of being touched or controlled by a ghost.

As Simmers, we may just enjoy creating and living in a scary environment via our Sims, and custom content allows you to go all out.


1. Paintings of Haunted Mansions

Haunted Mansion Paintings for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

A haunted home isn’t always one that seems to be inhabited by spirits.

It may be a bit more subtle at times.

These paintings are really based on a Disneyland attraction, but they’re scary enough to fit right in.

Each artwork has an old-timey feel about it, which is ideal for haunted homes. The Sims are still there, and the home is still functional, but décor like this suggests that there is more to the setting than meets the eye.

Maybe these strange individuals’ eyes follow you around as you walk, or your Sim will constantly feel watched, even when they’re alone… or so they believe.


2. Murder Set (M is for Murder)

M is for Murder CC Set / TS4

Take a Look At This CC

On the other hand, certain locations seem to be home to a few ghosts.

“Help” scrawled in blood on the wall will undoubtedly aid in this endeavor.

This gory set has everything you need to make any space suitably eerie. Handprints, phrases, and splatters are among the gory wall stickers.

With blood splattered over the sofa and chairs, the furniture appears like it came right out of a crime scene.

Finally, because it’s sort of a motif, you may add even more blood and dirt using customized rugs from the Backyard Stuff Pack.


3. Gravestones of Divinity

Divinity Gravestones / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

As someone who has already created spooky homes in The Sims, I felt compelled to add some gravestones to this list.

One of my favorite tropes is a buried, long-forgotten family cemetery on an ancient property. It’s wonderfully eerie.

You just purchased an amazing turn-of-the-century house, but weird things have begun to occur… Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the overgrown weeds, gasp!

Old tombs may be found just fifty feet from the home!

What a blast, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

These headstones have a different, older appearance than the ones we receive when our Sims die. As a result, they’re ideal for erecting an old-fashioned cemetery on your property.

Cover them partially with weeds and surround them with trees, and you’ve got yourself a pretty unsettling piece of décor.

Isn’t it true that the haunting has to originate from somewhere?

And ghosts can’t rest in peace if their last resting sites haven’t been maintained in decades.


Paintings of a Horseman and Medusa

Horseman and Medusa Paintings / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

These are some more paintings inspired by the Disneyland ride, but they were just too amazing to pass up.

If you don’t know any better (as I didn’t until I read the creator’s explanation), they seem just like the scary décor of a creepy person.

Some homeowners have become one with the spirits that haunt their residence… They may have even welcomed them in.

That would undoubtedly be reflected in the things they chose to decorate their rooms with.

Medusa and a skeletal horseman are certainly scary enough to pique someone’s interest.

These medium-sized paintings with gold frames would look great in a variety of settings. Guests will have to take a second look to fully appreciate the equal parts of beauty and strangeness.


Possessed Grounds (number 5) Lottery Trait

Possessed Grounds Lot Trait for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Mod

Your Sim’s haunted home will only be haunted by imagination if you don’t apply modifications.

Rundown landscapes and gravestones will undoubtedly contribute to the eerie atmosphere.

If you want functionality, though, you’ll need a unique lot characteristic.

Simularity, the creator, has the ideal one right here.

It has a number of features, such as unique boosts that impact both the Sims on the property and those that come to visit.

They’ll receive a Fine moodlet the minute they set foot on the premises since they’ll sense something isn’t quite right.

They may also get a few of odd moodlets from hearing inexplicable things while they go about their day.

Was it simply the wind, or did they really hear a whisper?

But the real fun begins after the sun sets.

The spirits will emerge after 10 p.m.

This is determined by the length of time you’ve been playing and the number of Sims that have died in your save. Those of you who have been doing it for a while and have many generations are in for a great treat.

It may seem that several packs are needed to make this very detailed mod function, but that is not the case.

The basic game is all you’ll need.

If you have Vampire or Alien Sims, though, there are certain unique moodlets for them.


6. Mold Wallpaper that has faded

Faded Mold Wallpaper / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

If ghosts have been scaring away prospective buyers for years, the property’s look is likely to deteriorate.

Do you ever notice homes in your neighborhood that seem to have a constant stream of renters? Nobody appears to stick there for more than a few months before another moving truck arrives.

Then the outside begins to deteriorate to the point where you know the interior must be a nightmare.

Perhaps it’s because of terrible landlords and excessive rent… or maybe it’s something a bit more nefarious that’s luring folks away.

The lack of loving care will wear a house down, and the wallpaper will be the first item to disappear.

Ineliz’s CC collection contains some fantastic antique wallpaper samples, replete with beautiful moldy patches.

You may choose from six different colors here, but you’ll never be able to get rid of the mold.

Isn’t it fantastic?

You may now construct the ramshackle cottage that best suits your environment.


Claw Marks Wall Set (Set of 7)

Claw Marks Wallpaper / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

A haunted home may simply have a little effect on the inhabitants.

Without tangible proof, I’m sure it’s difficult for individuals who have seen paranormal activity to believe what’s going on.

Unless they’re captured on camera, apparitions and footsteps are nothing more than rumor.

Even doubters will find it difficult to overlook huge claw prints on the wall.

This is a very straightforward collection, consisting of a variety of wall decals that give the impression that a demon has just clawed the wall.

One has a reddish-orange glow to it, while the other is black for a more realistic claw mark look. If such a thing exists.


8. An Antique Wooden Floor

Old Wooden Flooring Mod for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Consider the most well-known haunted locations: they all have wooden flooring.

That isn’t a coincidence, in my opinion.

It’s conceivable that the worn, vintage appearance contributes to the creep factor, but there’s also the possibility that wood retains residual energy. So if there was a lot of conflict, violence, and sorrow in a home, the wood of the walls and floor will bear witness to it.

Hey, I realize that’s a little out there, but I’ve heard it before.

In any case, the wood swatches on these flooring are stunning.

They seem to have been there for a long and have been mistreated, which is exactly the sort of thing that may cause a haunting.


9. House Lot That Has Been Abandoned

Abandoned House Lot Preview / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Collection

Nobody simply gets up and leaves their house and all they own for no reason.

Despite this, there are lots of dilapidated homes like that all throughout the globe.


Of course, there are ghosts! There’s no other explanation.

It’s better not to set foot on an abandoned home if you encounter one, unless you wish to attract the paranormal into your life.

However, there are occasions when the temptation is too strong. It’s not every day that we get to witness houses that have been forgotten by time and left behind for those who have crossed over to the other side.

As a result, many individuals end themselves investigating abandoned homes. Nowadays, it’s a complete pastime… and technically trespassing. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

At the very least, you can experience the eerie, haunting atmosphere from the comfort of your own home with this abandoned mansion, which is packed with fantastic custom stuff unlike anything else in the game.

Any remaining souls will be unable to pass through the screen. You may, however, have a lot of fun exposing your Sim to them.

This house’s inside and outside are equally stunning. It’s the sort of thing that makes you speed up your pace as you go by it, yet there’s something about it that appeals to you.

All of the fractures and indications of deterioration, as well as cobwebs and boarded-up windows, tell their own tale. If you dare, enter!


10. Wallpaper that is peeling

Peeling Wallpaper CC for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

We’ve previously discussed how wallpaper performs when left unchecked. This creator’s last set, Ineliz, contained mold, however that isn’t the case here.

This wallpaper is simply ripped and peeling, indicating that it has succumbed to the passage of time.

Each panel of your Sim’s wall that you apply this on will have a beautiful rolling texture at the top, as though the paper is just starting to wither.

There are also some fantastic color combinations here, such as blue and gold, purple and green, gray, and others.

This pattern is basically the ultimate Victorian design… in other words, from the prime frightening period. I’m sure there’s a name for it.


Sarcastic Ghost Mod is a mod that adds sarcasm to

Sarcastic Ghost Mod / TS4

Take a Look At This Mod

If ghosts don’t have a personality, what good are they?

Freeloading spirits that don’t even have the courtesy to amuse you with their presence are the worst.

This entertaining mod will make your house’s ghosts more snarky. It’s a good match, since I imagine sharing your house with the living for forever would make anybody a bit snarky.

However, you’ll only be able to use this mod if you have the Get Together pack, since it’s tailored to the Von Haunt Estate inhabitants in Windenburg.

Even so, it’s one of the few (and finest) haunted homes in the game, and you can have a lot of fun with it.


12. The Haunted Residential Lot of Willows Weep

Willows Weep Haunted Residential Lot / Sims 4

Take a Look At This Collection

It’s frequently beneficial to draw inspiration from real life while creating in The Sims.

This is particularly true in the case of haunted houses.

When you know the scary, magnificent home your Sim lives in is real, it just adds to the creepiness.

That’s probably what Wykkyd, the inventor, was thinking.

This Willows Weep home is real and may be seen in Indiana. Many have referred to it as “North America’s most terrible haunted home”… That’s rather beautiful, isn’t it?

For the game, this Simmer faithfully rebuilt that same home.

It features a one-of-a-kind layout that makes the aerial perspective appear like a cross.


Groves Mansion Lot No. 13

Groves Mansion Lot for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Collection

I believe that mansions and ghosts are inextricably linked.

Consider how many films include a large, ancient mansion that is haunted.

There’s also the Luigi’s Mansion franchise, so… enough said. It’s a scientific fact!

A house this large just provides enough room for spirits to hide and cause havoc. This amazing home from pollycranopolis has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a fun little surprise in the basement:

It’s a crypt, after all.

In addition, the house stands on top of gravestones and coffins.

That’s some prime haunting territory right there.

Really, the level of inventiveness here is out of this world. It’s completely functioning and updated, yet it still has enough Victorian charm and spook iness to be a great haunted home.


14. The Mirror Has a Ghost

A Ghost in the Mirror / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Ghosts aren’t always interested in uprooting your whole life and making you unhappy as in a horror film.

They’re simply there at times. A supernatural presence that makes you doubt your own sanity.

And this mirror is one of the most unique CC pieces I’ve ever seen.

It’s a little change to the basic game mirror that adds a partly translucent apparition of a Sim called Mollie Grimworth. As you approach closer to the mirror, she becomes more faded, which is a very beautiful effect.

With the help of this CC, you can easily create a sense of dread to any space.

When you want some spooky occurrences in TS4 without going overboard, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Just don’t use it as a mirror in the restroom… In a completely other sense, that would be scary.

Remember, Mollie Grimworth is always on the lookout when this is up on the wall!


15. Ouija Board in a Simlish Style

Simlish Ouija Board CC for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario with Ouija Boards.

It’s impossible to say whether the spirits or the humans will appear first.

They may be used to contact ghosts that are already there, or to call spirits to cause problems when none previously existed.

Some may even claim that the whole concept is a fraud, but that’s no fun.

Ouija Boards may get you into a lot of trouble if you believe in them. So it’s only natural to look for one inside a haunted home.

The greatest thing about this board is that it’s written in Simlish, which means it won’t be overshadowed by bothersome English writing.

Over the past few years, The Sims 4 has become one of the most respected and respected video games in the industry. It’s a massive leap for the franchise, with a bunch of new gameplay features, including a robust building system, stunning graphics, and more.. Read more about sims 4 horror mods and let us know what you think.

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The Best Minecraft Bedroom Mods (All Free) –


There are a lot of Minecraft Bedroom mods out there on the internet, and the number of them is constantly growing.  These mods can do a lot of things that can make minecraft more interesting and more enjoyable.  But which are the best?  Here I’ll show you the best minecraft bedroom mods, and which ones I think you should try first.

Minecraft is a game that has managed to capture the imagination of gamers and non-gamers alike. As of late, players have been drawn to the game by the number of mods available for it. While the official game comes with some mods, the number and variety of mods available for the game is staggering.

Bedroom gaming is a passion many of us share, but finding the perfect setup can be quite the challenge. Between the cost of a gaming desk and all the gear you need to play, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, a few mods that help you wrangle the space and add some class make it much easier to enjoy your games. Here are our picks for the best of the bunch.

So, you’ve just completed building your lovely new Minecraft house and want to start decorating the insides.

Why not begin in your own bedroom?

After all, it’ll be where you’ll be spending your evenings, cowering in dread of spiders and endermen, so make it beautiful!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the finest modifications available to assist you in creating your ideal Minecraft bedroom.


Macaw’s Windows (number 8)

Macaw’s Windows Mod Preview / Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

Macaw’s Windows is a mod worth attempting if you believe your vanilla glass pane windows are letting your Minecraft bedroom down.

This brings the total number of openable windows in the game to approximately 100, with a variety of textures and styles to choose from.

The mod also allows you to build windowsills and comes with a set of Venetian blinds that you can open to bring in additional light (or shutter for a bit more privacy).


Botany Pots (nine)

Botany Pots Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

Let’s suppose you’re sick of the sad, lonely flowers that come with a standard-sized Minecraft flower container. Perhaps you fantasize of adorning your Minecraft bedroom with lush rose plants and beautiful peonies.

Botany Plants is unquestionably the mod for you.

This includes big flower pots that can be used to grow full-sized versions of most plants, even some that cannot be grown in regular flower pots.

You can now cultivate adorable bonsai trees with the Botany Trees add-on.

The pots are available in a rainbow of hues manufactured from colored terracotta, as well as a hopper version that collects any fully grown plants put in them before dropping them into the storage below.


Macaw’s Doors is number six on the list.

Macaw’s Doors Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

The dependable Minecraft door has long been a gaming fixture.

However, you might be excused for believing that the available choices are rather limited.

Perhaps you want to have the formal elegance of a dark oak door in your bedroom, but the dark hue detracts from the room’s overall atmosphere. Maybe you like the more rustic look of a spruce door, but you’d rather it be made of acacia wood to match your calm savanna house.

Macaw’s Doors addresses this issue by allowing you to customize any vanilla door with any common wood texture, allowing you to create the perfect door for your bedroom.

Sliding shoji doors (great for your sleek fitted closets) and full-length glass doors (excellent for that balcony you’re building) are among the new doors included in the mod.


5. Extensive Lighting

Extended Lights For Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

With the addition of lanterns in version 1.14 and candles in version 1.17, there’s no disputing that Minecraft’s lighting choices have vastly improved in recent years.

If you still don’t feel like you have enough options when it comes to mood lighting in your bedroom, Extended Lights may assist.

This mod adds a variety of lighting choices to the world, including contemporary electric wall, floor, and ceiling-mounted light panels – as well as bulbs and tower lights – to give your bedroom a slick new appearance.

If you want to make your bedroom seem more like a gothic castle, there are also dramatic candle holders and candelabras in gold and iron, as well as roaring braziers and tiny jack-o-lanterns to select from.


4. MrCrayfish’s Modified Furniture

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod Minecraft Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod is a massive undertaking that adds over eighty distinct pieces of modern-style furniture to fit every room in the home.

This includes mattresses, bedside cabinets, alarm clocks, curtains, and ceiling fans, as well as amazing technologies like wirelessly controlled electric lights. Not to mention flatscreen TVs that play your favorite uploadable gifs.

Baths, sinks, toilets, and medicine cabinets are just a few of the gorgeous bathroom fixtures you may choose from for your gleaming new en suite bathroom.

Certain furniture pieces are now inaccessible on more recent versions of Minecraft due to an ongoing code change by MrCrayfish.

These goods will be restored in future releases, and earlier versions of the mod still include the complete variety of items.


3. A Restful Night’s Sleep

Good Night’s Sleep Dreamworld Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

In Minecraft, you usually simply wake up the following morning when you go to sleep.

If you’re in the nether, you may also explode.

But not with Good Night’s Sleep, a mod that introduces two new dream worlds to Minecraft, complete with new monsters, blocks, and ores that can only be accessible by sleeping in a Strange Bed.

Unicorns and Technicolor lambs inhabit the Good Dream realm, which is a sweet paradise of lollipops and sunlight.

The Nightmare realm, on the other hand, is a lava-filled hellscape populated with toxic plants and creatures, much like an open-air version of the Nether.

The mod is presently in beta, and future versions are planned to add more blocks, ores, and unique monsters to the game.


2. Macaw’s Furnishings

Macaw’s Furniture Modset for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

No bedroom is really finished unless it is tastefully furnished.

And Macaw’s Furniture has everything you’ll need to design the ideal living room.

The mod includes everything from nightstands to cabinets, dressers, closets, tables, and chairs, all of which may be made from any kind of wood.

Additionally, this mod enables you to mix and match individual furniture blocks to construct bigger furniture pieces, such as workstations and fitted closets.

The furniture is also very practical, with features such as usable storage and ‘sittable’ chairs.


1. Beds with several beds

Multibeds Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

Multibeds allows you to make fully functioning beds for both the player and the locals.

These may also be snapped together to make bunk beds and double beds.

This mod includes a variety of bedstead types, such as classic, vintage, contemporary, slab, rustic, and cot beds, all of which may be built in the manner of any in-game block texture, no matter how odd.

Yes, you may finally sleep on a bed made entirely of dirt if you so want.

The personalized bed sheets, which may be embroidered with unique patterns and available in a variety of colors, are the primary attraction of Multibeds.

Make your own patterns or choose from a variety of pre-made designs that include pop culture allusions to characters like Doctor Who and Super Mario.

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about better beds mod and let us know what you think.

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Atomic Heart is “already on the launch pad”


Atomic Heart, the latest project from ex-Crackdown developers Reactor Zero, is an action game that promises all the fun of your favorite shooter with some very special features. Atomic Heart is set in a war-torn future where you play as a soldier tasked with eliminating the threat of an alien invasion. The game features a 40-mission story campaign filled with enough action to keep you coming back for more.

The world’s first-ever atomic heart has successfully been built by Canadian scientists, who have been able to create the first ever atomic pump. The heart is fully functional and is the first step towards more complex applications, including a ‘bionic heart’ which uses different atomic parts to mimic the way a heart’s cells work.

One of the greatest things about the future is that it’s always so close at hand. In the not-so-distant future, we’ll have nuclear fusion reactors that not only power the world, but are also able to power our cars, allowing us to go further on a single tank of gas. But not only that, we’ll be able to extract hydrogen from these reactors and use it to store energy, allowing for more efficient fuel cell cars and more energy efficiency.

The highly anticipated Atomic Heart is nearing completion, with creators confirming the completion of Part 2 and guaranteeing steady performance on PlayStation 4.

Mundfish, the Russian developer of Atomic Heart, hasn’t spoken with us in a long time. The open-world first-person shooter game has wowed us with its visuals and mood from its debut teaser, and many players are on the lookout for it.

Thankfully, an updated FAQ has been posted on the official Discord server. The first response addresses the burning issue on everyone’s mind: when will the film be released? While Mundfish did not specify when we would be able to play Atomic Heart, they did indicate that it is nearing completion, implying that all material is in place.


“As a result, we are unable to provide a precise date at this time.” – the description reads. “In general, developers are sloppy with delivery dates; they keep delaying them and insisting that they will be released tomorrow.” – acknowledge the inventors, but also respond:

“Not everything is as easy as it appears: the release date impacts contact with publishers, the Xbox Game Pass schedule (of which Atomic Heart is a part), and the release in shops and the worldwide network of big releases (where everything is aligned),” they say in the press release.

“However, the most essential thing you should know is that we have never been able to say ‘Game Ready’ before. Even now, we can only state that we are in the last stages of the process. But, we guarantee, the lengthy wait will be over soon.” – the makers make a promise.

Fans may anticipate two endings, according to Mundfish, but the game’s narrative will remain linear. “We’re going to have two endings. But we’re not an RPG: Atomic Heart follows a tight linear narrative, so don’t anticipate a lot of variation,” they said, avoiding a mistake.



The heart is also present.


”Closer to the conclusion, we’ve placed a crucial moral decision in the hands of the player because we want to encourage the community to argue with each other about the concepts we’ve weaved into the story,” they said. The creators suggest, “We want you to form your own conclusions so you may make your own choices rather of being swayed by pressures from above.”

The ever-present concern about performance has been alleviated by the fact that the PlayStation 4, the best-selling system of the previous generation, is already capable of running the game at “good, steady performance.” This should hopefully auger well for other platforms. They stated openly, “We’ll address this issue closer to launch, since we’ll be trying to reduce Atomic Heart’s minimal system requirements until the final few days, and we’re not quite sure how far we can go.”

” We want everyone to be able to participate in the game. We have great performance on PS4, and we’re doing all we can to improve the game for players with modest hardware configurations.” — The company has pledged to support low-income players, which is a commendable gesture regardless of the date. We’re cheering them on!

WCCFTECH is the source of this information.

And there you have it, the newest installment of the acclaimed Atomic Heart series is here and is already available on the App Store.. Read more about atomic heart physical copy and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Will Atomic Heart ever release?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
At this time, it is unknown if Atomic Heart will ever be released.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Atomic Heart coming to PS5?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Yes.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What platforms will Atomic Heart be on?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Atomic Heart will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Atomic Heart ever release?

At this time, it is unknown if Atomic Heart will ever be released.

Is Atomic Heart coming to PS5?


What platforms will Atomic Heart be on?

Atomic Heart will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Eldest Souls shows that inspiration plus polish can provide one hell of an experience – Hands-on impressions


Eldest Souls, a new title from a veteran developer, is one of the best looking games I saw at E3 this year. What’s so appealing about it? The obvious answer is how it looks. But there’s more to it than that. The game is presented in a striking art style; the characters are designed with appealing and complicated features, and the environments are pretty and varied. It’s like if cartoon character design and the appearance of a real world met and married.

Eldest Souls is a first-person exploration game that pits you against the grotesque monsters of the deep while keeping a sharp and coherent atmosphere. It’s a game that nails the feeling of stumbling across something eerie but leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction, and it’s one that’s best experienced with a controller in hand.

While the notion of an indie game inspired by the Soulsborne series may give some people a headache, Eldest Souls may comfortably capture the essence of FromSoftware’s best works while also knowing that it accomplishes something new with the premise. 

Fallen Flag Studio used themes like a dark and shattered environment to explore, friendly difficulty levels to conquer, and a lonely, frail hero taking on the power of screen-filling monsters in Eldest Souls. Eldest Souls, on the other hand, cuts the fat, leading players from boss battle to boss fight in a tour of cruelty that avoids all lesser foes. 

You play as a lone warrior trying to gain access to a huge fortress in Eldest Souls. Behind the high walls of this destroyed building lie a slew of gods that are responsible for the world’s destruction. It’s up to you, a small warrior wielding a huge sword, to bring justice to these gods, but they’re not going down without a fight. 

While it’s easy to compare the combat to Dark Souls, it really has more in common with Bloodborne or Sekiro’s fast freneticism. Because you know you can depend on Eldest Souls’ biggest fighting feature, the health system, you must be quick, darting in and out and sometimes swallowing bullets from the monster. 

Eldest-Souls-shows-that-inspiration-plus-polish-can-provide-oneFallen Flag Studio created this image.

To heal, you may charge your attacks, robbing your opponent of health with each shot. This drastically alters the dynamic of battle, since you can now gladly sit in the pocket and trade, regaining health and then purchasing space to recharge your strikes. 

Players will face a variety of difficulties as they go through the game’s ten bosses. Patterns must be discovered, timings must be improved, and subtleties must be investigated. Eldest Souls has three classes for players to choose from, thus there’s a rock, paper, scissors aspect to it.

You may freely move between classes and reinvest your skill points, enabling you to explore and experiment with different classes. Combat in Eldest Souls is all about finding out how the game constructed the current wall you’re banging your head against and how to effectively break it down. 

Players will discover a typically gloomy environment to explore apart from trying to stop huge monsters from reducing you to your component pixels. There are a few NPCs here and there that are searching for something particular. You may search the globe for the item and bring it to them for a little bonus if you want, but it is not required. 

People who are just here to rush from one employer to the next will find nothing to obstruct their progress. Overall, the plot is very conventional. Man and gods exist as adversarial creatures, with Eksyll, a deity, orchestrating humanity’s near-total annihilation. All of the gods flee to the Citadel, and you enter to exact some giant-sword-shaped vengeance. It’s a basic story that’s meant to greet players at the start of the game and then move on. 

1628614340_976_Eldest-Souls-shows-that-inspiration-plus-polish-can-provide-oneFallen Flag Studio created this image.

In Eldest Souls, combat reigns supreme, and skillfully timed dodges, perfectly timed blows, and a desire to explore are at the heart of a thrilling, welcoming, and rewarding system. The bosses themselves are well crafted, with each one bringing something new to the table for players to adjust to. 

The Watchdog serves as a tutorial, teaching players important concepts while also posing a challenge. The Guardian maintains a great mix of aggressiveness and defensive dodging, while Azikel the God of Light transforms the arena into a traditional head-to-head fight with aspects of bullet hell. Eldest Gods shines and has the greatest depth in this area, since each boss alters things up in a manner that pushes players to adapt. 

Eldest Souls is a brilliantly crafted monster rush that rewards split-second reflexes and fast thinking. It provides a well-balanced degree of difficulty without being too harsh, and it will appeal to anybody looking for a new game to speedrun. 

Eldest Souls also wears its flaws on its sleeve since it is such a composed and concentrated experience. Yes, it’s an isometric action game, which may put some people off. Others may dislike the pixel graphic style, while others may not want to play yet another tough game. 

That’s OK, and all I can say is that Eldest Souls isn’t attempting to fool anybody into believing it’s something it isn’t. The creators’ emphasis on fighting and those huge monsters is the primary draw here, and they’ve done an excellent job of providing exactly the kind of difficulty that a particular group of gamers is seeking for. Eldest Souls is for you if you enjoy the notion of defying the odds and being thrown about the screen for a number of hours while you learn how to defeat each monster.

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Top 10 Best Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! –


We already know that Dark Magician is one of the greatest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arena, but the truth is, it’s not the only one. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Top 10 Best Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – and what’s more, we’ll be ranking them in order of effectiveness, with the best ones at the top.

Dark Magician is the most popular archetype on the field, and the best card for the archetype that is Dark Magician is definitely Dark Magician of Dark Illusion . The reason for this is that people love to play Spellcaster-Type monsters that can inflict direct damage and the only Spellcaster-Type monster that can inflict direct damage is Dark Magician of Dark Illusion . The importance of the Light Attribute is best summed up by the fact that Dark Magician of Dark Illusion is the most balanced Trap Card in the game.

Among all the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dark Magician is one of the most powerful cards in the game. It is the most powerful card for an archetype that shines when used in combination with other cards, and  it is the most powerful card in Dark Magician decks. In this article, I will discuss the top ten Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! – and in the end, I will give a summary list of the top ten Dark Magician support cards. Why do I think these cards are the best? Because they are the most powerful, because they can be obtained easily, and because they are very useful for those who are just starting out.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you hear the term “Yu-Gi-Oh” is probably Dark Magician.

After all, the Dark Magician is such a well-known card that even non-Yu-Gi-Oh fans are likely to have heard of (or seen) it.

As a result, it’s no wonder that Dark Magician decks have a lot of support.

But then there’s the age-old question: which cards should you add to your deck out of all of these?

Let’s see if we can get some answers to that question right now.


10. Soul Eternal

Eternal Soul Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you like taking chances, Eternal Soul is the game for you.

If not, at the very least, keep it on your side deck. In case anything goes wrong.

Eternal Soul is a permanent trap, and your Dark Magician monsters are untouched by your opponent’s card effects while it’s on the field.

You may also add a “Dark Magic Attack” or “Thousand Knives” from your deck to your hand once each round, or special summon 1 Dark Magician from your hand or graveyard once per turn.

Unfortunately, if this card is destroyed, so are all of your monsters.

There are obviously cards that can save this card from being destroyed. But nowadays, eliminating traps is very simple, so it’s a significant danger.


9. Magician of Ebon Illusion

Ebon Illusion Magician YGO Card

Ebon Illusion Magician is one of the few Dark Magician extra deck cards, so having a few on hand is always a good idea.

This card can be summoned using two level 7 monsters or a Spellcaster Xyz monster of rank 6.

You may detach a material to special summon a Spellcaster, normal-type monster from your hand or deck with Ebon Illusion Magician.

Continuing on, you may activate this card and banish any card on your opponent’s field when a Spellcaster normal monster declares an attack.

In a Dark Magician deck, this monster enables you to steadily whittle down your opponent’s field, and it’s quite simple to summon. As a result, it’s an excellent one to have.


8. Dark Illusion’s Magician

Magician of Dark Illusion YGO Card

Dark Magician: Magician of Dark Illusion is a fun spin-off that is almost the polar opposite of Dark Magician.

This card has the same stats as Dark Magician, but it’s named “Dark Magician” on the field.

However, during your opponent’s turn, when they activate a spell card, this card may be special summoned.

You may special summon a Dark Magician from your graveyard whenever you activate a spell card while this creature is on the field.

You won’t have to worry about this man getting killed if you special summon him during your opponent’s first turn, since your opponent can’t attack anyhow.


7. Illusion Magician’s Apprentice

Apprentice Illusion Magician Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Apprentice Illusion Magician is not only simple to summon, but it also has the ability to transform your monsters into behemoths with incredibly high attack.

By discarding a card, you may special summon this card, and if it is summoned, you can add a Dark Magician from your deck to your hand.

Furthermore, when a dark spellcaster monster is fighting another monster, you may send this card from your hand/field to the graveyard to increase its attack by 2000.

But the best thing is that none of these impacts are confined to a single round.

That implies that 3 copies may increase a monster’s attack by 6000 points.

Getting three copies of a card in your hand in one turn isn’t impossible with the cards later in this list.


6. Expanded Dark Magic

Dark Magic Expanded YGO Card

Dark Magic Expanded is the first spell on our list, but if you want to utilize it to its best capacity, you’ll need a rather strong field.

Different effects will trigger depending on how many Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl monsters you have on the field.

One of your dark spellcaster monsters gets 1000 attack if you have one.

If you have two, your opponent cannot activate cards in reaction to your traps and spells, and they cannot destroy your traps and spells this round, in addition to the initial effect.

All of your dark spellcaster monsters are unaffected by your opponent’s card effects until the end of the round if you have three or more.

So, if you activate this card with 3 or more Dark Magician creatures, you are virtually untouchable for the remainder of the round.


5. Combination of Magicians

Magicians’ Combination Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Magicians’ Combination is a never-ending trap that gives you a free negate every round, which is always a plus.

When a card or effect is triggered, you may activate Magicians’ Combination once per turn.

If this is triggered, you may tribute a Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl from your hand or graveyard, then negate the effect/activation of the original targeted card.

This is very effective since it effectively prevents your opponent from activating any card for no cost.

Because you can use this card to special summon a monster from the graveyard, you can keep recycling monsters to keep utilizing it.

You may also destroy any other card on the field when this card is destroyed, which is a great bonus.


4. The Magicians of the Dark

The Dark Magicians YGO Card

The Dark Magicians are the ultimate combination of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl that we’ve all been hoping for.

It’s also extremely powerful, which is fortunate.

Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and any other Spellcaster monster may be used to special summon this monster.

You may then draw a card anytime a spell or trap card is triggered.

You can put it down if it’s a spell or trap, and you can use it this round if it’s a trap or quick-play spell card.

If this card is destroyed, you may special summon 1 Dark Magician and 1 Dark Magician female from your hand, deck, or graveyard to replace it.

To make this card more more powerful, use Greater Polymerization to summon it, which makes this monster resistant to card effects.


3. Servant of the Soul

Soul Servant Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Soul Servant is a broken version of Pot of Greed in the second part of the game since you can use it to draw so many cards.

When Soul Servant is activated, you may move any card to the top of the field that has the term Dark Magician in its name or text.

You may then banish this card from your graveyard and draw cards equal to the number of Dark Magician, Palladium, or Dark Magician Girl monsters on the field or in your graveyard during the main phase.

As long as you have one Dark Magician on the field or in your graveyard, you may search virtually any card on this list, and depending on your field, you can draw a few additional cards.


2. Magical Circle of the Dark

Dark Magical Circle YGO Card

For every player who uses a Dark Magician deck, Dark Magical Circle is a must-have.

When this continuous spell is cast, you may choose one of the top three cards in your deck to add to your hand: a Dark Magician (or a spell/trap with the word “Dark Magician” in its text).

After that, you may arrange the remaining cards in whatever order you choose.

The second impact of Dark Magical Circle, however, is the icing on the cake.

You may banish one card that your opponent controls whenever a Dark Magician is summoned to your field as a regular or special summon.

This enables you to banish 1 card controlled by your opponent each turn and add a Dark Magician monster, spell, or trap to your hand.


1. Souls of Magicians

Magicians’ Souls Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Although Magicians’ Souls isn’t a particularly powerful attack card, its effect is what keeps the Dark Magician archetype alive and well.

If this card is on your field, you may use it to send up to two spells or traps you control to the graveyard, then draw a number of cards equal to the number of cards you just sent.

If you have this card in your hand, you may send a level 6 or higher spellcaster monster from your deck to the graveyard, then special summon this card or send this card to the graveyard to special summon a Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl.

Magicians’ Souls offers up a lot of possibilities in this deck.

You may, for example, call Magician of Dark Illusion to your field as a special summon. After that, use Magicians’ Souls to send Dark Magician to the graveyard, where it may be special summoned again.

Depending on whether you send Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl to the graveyard, you may even utilize these cards to summon a large number of monsters from your extra deck.

The Dark Magician is one of the most powerful cards in the game. He is the top pick in most competitive deck builds, and there are plenty of ways to strengthen him and support him in your deck. While he is a powerful monster, I’ve found that some of the best support cards in the game also double or triple up as Dark Magician support cards. You’ll probably find a few of these cards in my list of Top 10 Best Dark Magician Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! –. Read more about dark magician support cards 2021 and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the strongest Dark Magician card?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Dark Magician is the strongest card in the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the strongest magician in Yugioh?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The strongest magician in Yugioh is the Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Dark Magician a good card?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Dark Magician is a good card.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest Dark Magician card?

The Dark Magician is the strongest card in the game.

What is the strongest magician in Yugioh?

The strongest magician in Yugioh is the Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor.

Is Dark Magician a good card?

Dark Magician is a good card.

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How to make perfect locks in the Witcher Monster Slayer


The Witcher series is known to be an open world RPG with action combat style gameplay. It is known for its characters, who are all very different, but all have something in common: their love for witchery. In this guide, we will discuss how to lock doors in the Witcher 3 in order to avoid being locked in a room and how to unlock it.

While in most RPG games you can get a lockpick, in the Witcher universe even the smallest lock can keep you from advancing. Knowing how to craft the perfect lock is vital to making it through the monster infested forests of the Northern Kingdoms.

In this blog, I will show you how to get best results from locks in the Witcher games. I will use a simple method and provide a few tips and tricks for each lock.

We go through each of the Genshin Impact events that are planned for August, as well as what you should do in each one to get the most out of them.

In version 2.0 of Genshin Impact, we have a lot of new events, some of which will enable us to gain characters, weapons, and many other benefits provided we fulfill a set of criteria, and which you should be aware of.

In all, we have up to seven events for Genshin Impact in August, some highly diverse events with a series of criteria and processes that we will describe in this guide so that you understand everything.

We have the divine incarnation event, as well as treasure hunts, puzzle games, the ghostly flow event, and many other activities that you will like, and which we shall describe below.

In Genshin Impact 2.0, all August events are listed.

The “tapestry of the golden fire” Gachapon event

The tournament kicks out on August 10 and runs through August 31.

We will have a better chance of obtaining the unique five-star Yoimiya character as well as the four-star Sayu, Diona, and Xinyan characters during this event.

“Divine incarnation” is a Gachapon event.

The festival will run from August 10 through August 31.

Like the previous one, we have a greater chance of obtaining a sequence of components, in this instance weaponry, during the event.

The five-star “lightning shaker” and “heavenly keen blade” weapons, as well as the four-star “sacrificial sword,” “rain reaper,” “dragon doom,” “sacrificial memory,” and “Favinius bow,” all enhance the chances.

They explain that you may utilize “divine route” to obtain five-star promotional weapons like “lightning shaker” and “celestial cutting sword” during the event.

Treasure Hunting is a fun event.

The event is currently open and will run through August 16, with prizes redeemable until August 20.

To take part, you must have a level of 30 or above in adventure and have completed the archon task “Ritou’s escape plot.”

Basically, the goal of this event is for you to go out and find treasures with Seelie, then exchange them for various commemorative items at the event shop. Naturally, legendary prizes such as Protogems, Hero’s Wits, Minerals of Mystic Refinement, and Blackberry are available.

Brain Teaser is an Arena Mechanics event.

The event will run from August 12 to August 26 and all prizes will be valid till August 30.

To take part, you must have an adventure level of 30 or above, as well as having completed the archon task “Ritou’s escape plot.”

To get the inventiveness celebration card and ingenuity talismans, you must play games and accomplish certain goals during the event.

You may subsequently trade Ingenuity Talismans for Protogems, Character Talent Materials, Experience Materials, and Blackberry at the Event Store.

a phantom flow occurrence

The event will take place from August 20 to August 30, and we must have achieved adventure level 30 or above and completed the archon task “Ritou’s escape plan” as well as the world mission “Chisato letter” to participate.

To get various prizes, you must fulfill the tasks set out by the Shin of Inazuma style’s commander at various levels.

“New sensations” is the name of the character test event.

The event runs from August 10 to August 31, and participation requires that the gachapon feature be enabled.

They claim that you may utilize set lineups including the chosen test characters to test certain situations throughout the event, and that accomplishing these tasks would earn you prizes.


The “flood of ley lines” is an occurrence.

The event will run from August 23 to August 30, and participants must have revived a flower of riches or a flower of revelation in order to participate.

To receive twice the prizes, you must successfully challenge a flower of riches or a flower of revelation and drink original resin during the event. It’s worth noting that you’ll have the opportunity of doubling your earnings three times a day.

Remember to take advantage of all of the August Genshin Impact events, since there are a few that are very interesting.

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GIGABYTE and Newegg Accused of Dumping “Explosive” Power Supplies on Unknowing Customers with Combo Deals


Last week, a couple of news outlets reported on an incident where a number of customers purchased computers at retail stores that were powered by unsafe power supplies but were advertised as having “up to” a specified wattage through a shady combo deal.

GIGABYTE and Newegg Accused of Dumping “Explosive” Power Supplies on Unknowing Customers with Combo Deals

The US Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against GIGABYTE and Newegg, accusing the companies of using deceptive marketing practices to sell power supplies that are dangerous to consumers.

GIGABYTE-and-Newegg-Accused-of-Dumping-Explosive-Power-Supplies-onGIGABYTE (photo credit: GIGABYTE)

The P750GM and P850GM are GIGABYTE’s two power supply. These PSUs are 80 PLUS Gold certified and include a completely modular design, a 120 mm Smart Hydraulic Bearing (HYB) fan, Japanese capacitors, a strong single +12 V rail, and other important features.

Enthusiasts, on the other hand, may choose to skip them.

According to Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus, there is something seriously wrong with the design and/or components of GIGABYTE’s P750GM and P850GM motherboards. Burke conducted a number of tests and discovered significant issues such as faulty MOSFETs, some of which detonated in the PSUs under specific circumstances.

Burke claims that GIGABYTE is aware that their P750GM and P850GM power supply are defective and should not be purchased.

Worse still, Newegg seems to be exacerbating the issue. Despite indications that both parties must be aware of the products’ shortcomings by now due to the increasing reports of DOA units and failures, Burke pointed out that GIGABYTE’s P750GM and P850GM power supplies were—and continue to be—sold as part of the retailer’s many combo deals (bundles that are designed to save enthusiasts a little money by packaging core hardware components together).

GIGABYTE and Newegg, according to Burke, are “ultimately dumping an unsellable product on desperate buyers.”


You’d have a hard time returning one without the other if you wanted the graphics card but not the PSU. You’re effectively trapped with a product you don’t desire. Many of the Gigabyte PSUs were reported as dead on arrival, and we discovered that many of them were explosive during our testing. We tally the Newegg reviews, conduct our own poll, then load test the power supplies. We also illustrate which MOSFETs failed and discuss how power supply safeguards may have averted the failure.

Gamers Nexus is the source for this information.

Recent Developments


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is now optimized for Xbox Series X|S, featuring up to 4K/60 FPS and Ray Tracing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021


The Mac Mini M1X has been seen with a much slimmer design.

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021


The price of Aya Neo 2021 Pro: Steam Deck Competitor will begin at $1,215 USD.

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021


Humankind is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC on Day One.

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021


Back 4 Blood: WB Games Apologizes for Zombies Using the N-Word

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021


The PS5 disc version has been declared profitable by Sony.

Tuesday, August 9, 2021Tuesday, August 9, 2021

Newegg, Best Buy, and “Gigabyte” have been accused of selling the same power supply to different customers. The issue surrounds a combo deal, where consumers purchase a power supply at Newegg and a motherboard at Best Buy. This combination is intended to save the consumer some money, but the end result is that the same power supply is shipped to each of the customers.. Read more about gigabyte gp-p750gm 750w 80+ gold modular power supply and let us know what you think.

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Review – Swords of Legends Online


Swords of Legends Online is an all-out action MMO that has players control the Hero, Skandari, who is a swift swordsman. The game focuses on the player constructing his own character and becoming master of his own destiny. The game world is made of four main kingdoms: Elysia, Valahia, Nars, and Bakhind. Each kingdom has their own unique characteristics which affect the gameplay.

When it was first announced that the CWL (Call of Duty World League) would be making its debut on the PC, many were eager to play. The CWL is a league that features the best teams and players from the Call of Duty franchise, and the CWL Pro League is the flagship league that determines the world champions of the Call of Duty franchise. With the CWL Pro League starting this week, the first match will be on Oct. 18. This CWL season, there will be three divisions in the CWL: the Open division, the CWL U.S. division and the CWL U.S. Open division.

If you’ve never played this game before then don’t bother. It’s essentially an online version of a pen and paper RPG, with a player’s online character getting a set of skills to play with, and a faction to pledge their allegiance too. It’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s not really anything I’d recommend to anyone who wants to learn, or play a game for longer than ten minutes.

I believe we can all agree that the title of this game is awful. What a jumble of general gaming terms this is. According to what I’ve heard, it’s named after a very successful Chinese cross-media series. With titles like Final Fantasy and New World, I realize that we don’t have much reason to complain. Nonetheless, when I initially learned about the game, I dismissed it as a P2W F2P waste of time. Another rip-off of the Black Desert. It was only after hearing so many positive things that I decided to take a closer look. Swords of Legends: Online is an extremely entertaining game and a decent MMO, so I’m glad I decided to try it out for myself.

First and foremost. While the game is new to us, it has been available in China for some time. It’s also based on a Chinese media property that includes video games, novels, and a television program. As far as I’m aware, none of them have much of a presence outside of China. So it’s an ancient game based on stuff that only a few people in this town are aware of. It’s not easy to market a game with a name like this. As a result, it’s hard to blame me for passing it up at first. It’s a pity, since the game is really fantastic. Not without flaws, and your mileage may vary, but I’ve never played an MMO where the minute-to-minute gameplay was as fascinating as this one.


Swords play an important role in the game’s story, which should come as no surprise to anybody.

Let’s begin with the issues. Because you want to know the problems before you go into an MMO where you might wind up spending hundreds of hours of your life. There are three major issues in my opinion. The first is a major concern that will affect everyone: performance. Then there’s the translation, which is a little more reliant. Finally, there’s the linearity issue, which I’m not convinced is really a problem.

Performance is by far the most important factor, as well as the most volatile. I’m not sure whether it’s because of client optimization or server problems (or both), but I would sometimes, but not always, see small frame rate dips. It’s not enough to make the game unplayable, but it’s enough to be visible and irritating. Hide other player models (yep, it’s an option) helped a little, but I couldn’t figure out the secret visual setting combo that completely corrected it. I’ve noticed a lot of other people having the same problems, so I’m quite sure it’s not me. Fortunately, I experienced little to no latency, which is always a plus in an MMO.


This is a game that recognizes the existence of color and enjoys using it.

To me, the translation problems are so small that they are irrelevant, but I realize that others may feel otherwise. To put it another way, it seems like the whole game was translated using Google Translate and then written directly into the game. It’s a disaster. Bad may seem nearly unintelligible at times. Because the language, both written and spoken, is so clumsy, it requires additional work to keep up with what’s going on in the narrative. For me, though, I just needed to maintain a simple running tally of who’s butt I was kicking at the time, so the sloppy translation was funny at best. If you’re looking for a good tale, you’ve been warned. It’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on. It’s not impossible, but it’s a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

It should be emphasized that game components are not affected by language problems. I’ve never had trouble understanding out what an ability performed, how a new item changed things, or how a new mechanic functioned. So they at least tried to do what was absolutely necessary for the game to work. Just a little less effort put into the game’s taste. Which is understandably a deal breaker for some. Even I, who don’t have a problem with it, can see that Gameforge could have done a far better job with the translation. The game’s environment, characters, and narrative are all so vivid and captivating that they needed more effort to make everything that gives them depth comprehensible. 


Precise swordplay is distinct from imprecise swordplay.

The ultimate issue may not be a problem at all. It’s one of those things that varies on who you speak to, and it’s more of a personal perspective on how the game plays. There is now a norm in MMOs for there to be a leveling game followed by an endgame. I’ll confess that I’m not a fan of how wide the gap between the two has become, but it is what it is. Swords of Legends: Online, unfortunately, has taken this to a new level. The leveling narrative game is a story-driven experience that is very compact and linear. This is a character-based action game for a single player. That’s essentially what you’ll be doing for the first 15-20 hours of your life. Keep in mind that this is an excellent action game. However, it may not be what some players are hoping for in a fresh new MMO.

I really enjoyed it after I understood what was going on. While many of these openers have little function other than to bring you to the maximum level, when the actual game starts, SOLO‘s does. And the goal is to emphasize how incredible the fighting and mobility mechanics are. Those two aspects are essential in every action game. To keep the player interested in your game when it’s based around it, make sure the fighting is exciting and the mobility is enjoyable. The same thing is done by SOLO. You won’t be wasting your time on typical MMO missions (mostly). In almost every other MMO, I seldom had my Quest Log filled to the same degree. Instead, I was taken through gorgeous regions packed with obstacles to leap over and adversaries to slice and dice. What more could I ask for?


The character builder is amazing, allowing you to customize nearly anything to your desire.

The problem is, this experience does come to an end. In a way, yes. After you reach the endgame, there are Chapters that take place, and I’m hoping that more will be added in the future. Your primary gameplay loop, however, shifts from linear character action to more typical open-world MMO activities. There are Reputations to be earned, a Battle Pass to complete, daily quests to accomplish, and so on. But all of this is heightened by the incredible fighting and mobility to which you have been used. It’s far more enjoyable to do boring chores when the act of doing so is the polar opposite of. As a result, a leveling/endgame split like this is entirely fine in my opinion.

I’ve already mentioned how much fun the fighting and mobility are without really saying anything about it. In general, these concepts would be far more at home in a full-fledged action game, but I’m not complaining. It’s genuine action, complete with dodges, combinations on the ground and in the air, and a broad range of powers to experiment with each class. It’s not only a matter of remembering a rotation; it’s also a matter of knowing how to play your class. Memory-based vs. skill-based The movement is also competent and well-developed. The triple leap is the most impressive of all. Yes. It’s a triple-jump MMO. I recall the excitement when World of Warcraft introduced a double leap for Demon Hunters. And since it’s a triple leap, there’ll be three times the excitement. It lives up to the hype.



Movement is made up of three primary mechanisms. A plunging assault, a brief glide, then the namesake triple jump (because this is a action game at heart). You also move swiftly, which is a welcome departure from the slow speed at which MMOs tend to believe people walk. Moving in this game is a whole different experience. Buildings are not walked around; instead, they are jumped and glided over. There are also horses, all of which seem to fly, if that wasn’t enough. Mounts also come with a boost button, since this game is all about going all out. And when I say boost, I mean boost; I’m not talking about a 15% increase in movement speed. Overall, it reminds me of Shadow of War, another game that was liberal in providing a variety of ways to explore the environment. Each one is more enjoyable than the previous. 

Nonetheless, this is an MMORPG. Character customisation is also an important element of the RPG experience. And many Asian MMOs, in my opinion, fall short in this area. Choosing a class and/or weapon is typically the last step in the process. When I first saw SOLO‘s limited class choices, I assumed it would lean more towards the western way of doing things, and fortunately, I was correct. Each class has a complete skill tree and two specialties from which to select. Each spec is melee or ranged and focuses on one of the three roles in the triangle (DPS, healer, and tank). Pets may also play a role in the equation. The gear is typical Asian MMO stuff, and it’s either for one of the two specs. There isn’t much modification here except increasing the numbers. Still, I was more than pleased with what I found, and I love an MMO that isn’t just focused on stuff. Classes are important.


Qi that isn’t good isn’t good. However, there is no bad qi. However, there is some negative qi.

There’s still so much more I could say. I haven’t even touched on the plot, which centers around a semi-dead demon dragon and some talking swords. Or the stunning scenery, which includes anything from a floating metropolis to ethereal pastures. Raids, dungeons, side activities, reputations, and PvP are all available, but it doesn’t matter. Because, for the first time in MMO history, content isn’t important. It’s because of the gameplay. This game appeals to me for the same reasons that any other action game appeals to me. Not because there’s a fresh new raid tier, but because I just love playing the game. And it wasn’t until I began playing Swords of Legends: Online that I realized how much I desired an MMO like that. And I personally can’t think of a better compliment.

While it isn’t exactly a new MMO, it is more than capable of visually competing with the best games available in the West.

While the combat is enjoyable, the game’s most impressive feature is its incredible mobility system.

The English voice acting is very annoying, but you should use the Chinese voice acting nonetheless.

I’ve never played an MMO with such enjoyable and thrilling gameplay from minute to minute. The world is fresh and interesting, the movement is fantastic, the fight is quick and fluid, and the environment is new and exciting.

Final Score: 9.0

On PC, Swords of Legends Online is now available.

On a computer, I reviewed it.

The publisher supplied a copy of Swords of Legends Online.

As an example:

As if Loading…

Look at them!

Swords of Legends Online is an online RPG where you can play as one of three different classes: Warrior, Wizard, or Rogue. Each class has its own unique set of weapons, skills, and characteristics. Players are able to choose from over 80 different abilities, which are arranged into a variety of slots. The game offers a wide variety of quests, missions, and rewards. However, the game is a little bit flawed. Players will notice the lack of game modes, a decent graphics engine, and some technical issues.. Read more about swords of legends online wiki and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Swords of Legends online pay to win?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Swords of Legends is not a pay to win game. It is free to play, but you can purchase in-game currency with real money if you wish.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Swords of Legends online open world?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Swords of Legends is not an open world game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Sword of Legends online subscription based?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Sword of Legends is a free-to-play game.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swords of Legends online pay to win?

Swords of Legends is not a pay to win game. It is free to play, but you can purchase in-game currency with real money if you wish.

Is Swords of Legends online open world?

Swords of Legends is not an open world game.

Is Sword of Legends online subscription based?

Sword of Legends is a free-to-play game.

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The best sports management games on PC (2021)


So, you’ve managed to fill your leisure time with sports activities. You’ve gone to the gym, or done some exercises at home, or you’ve gone to a running class. Pretty soon, though, you reach a point where you see a new weight room or a new treadmill or a new bicycle, and you realize you’re no longer the fittest person in the gym.

Sports games have been around for a long time. And they have always been popular. They have been available for years on various consoles, and in recent years, they have also made their way to PC. But, we have not had everything we wanted. In fact, the genre has lacked the depth and sophistication of their console counterparts. So, if you have been looking for a sports management game that can match or possibly surpass their console counterparts, you have come to the right place.

Taken together, games don’t need to be ‘hardcore’ or ‘inscrutable’ to be fun or engaging. If your favorite sports team aren’t playing that weekend, you can always spend time playing a casual games management sim. Do you want to go on a college football freefall that end in a spectacular collapse? You can, just like you can make a basketball team that wins the national championship…but historically speaking, FAIL.

The best sports management games on PC

Since the early days of SimCity, management games and simulators have been a mainstay in gaming. Sports management games, on the other hand, have seen a stratospheric increase in popularity over the last decade. Some of the genre’s games have gone on to become global best-sellers. Sports management games are undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and innovative ways to explore the fascinating world of professional sports, thanks to the availability of sports statistics and the accessibility of getting a peek into the brains of professional players via social media.

There’s nothing quite like being in control of all the choices and details of a professional sports organization and the world’s best athletes, regardless of the sport. However, the reality is that there are excellent and terrible sports management games out there, and your choices are even more restricted when it comes to PC gaming. To assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled a list of the top sports management games on PC.

In 2021, these are the top sports management games on PC:

  • Football Manager 2021 is a game that takes place in the year 20
  • Baseball Outside the Park 21
  • Manager of Tennis Elbows 2
  • Manager of Professional Cycling in 2021

The best sports management games on PC | Football Manager 2021

Football Manager is without a doubt the greatest sports management game ever created, and it is unquestionably the top PC game in 2021. The game enables users to manage teams from over 116 different leagues in 51 different countries and develop their own football club to greatness. Football Manager is FIFA’s main rival and is highly complex, in-depth, and addicting. 

The community is also quite active, with lots of new material being added on a regular basis, including new leagues, players, staff, and football teams to play with. In addition, the most recent edition includes new strategies, reconnaissance, training sessions, and more realistic gaming. 

The best sports management games on PC | Out of the Park Baseball 21

Baseball Outside the Park 21

Baseball: Out of the Park is not only one of the most popular sports strategy games, but it’s also one of the most award-winning sports management games ever. You may either take complete control of a current-season team or choose from over 150 years of baseball history to take over one of the great baseball teams in the game. 

The most recent edition has amazing features like as a revamped 3D match engine and additional foreign leagues with real-life teams and players. It’s basically baseball’s version of “Football Manager,” and it’s a must-have for any baseball fan or card collector. 

The best sports management games on PC | Tennis Elbow Manager 2

Manager of Tennis Elbows 2

Tennis Elbow Manager 2 is a fantastic sports manager game for PC that was released in 2021 and is undoubtedly the greatest tennis management simulation game ever created. With Tennis Elbow Manager, you’ll play both a tennis coach and a tennis player, with the aim of helping them rise to the top of the global rankings. It may seem simple, but it is everything but. 

The game is one-of-a-kind and intricate, with over 3,500 participants (beginning in 1973 for men and 1983 for women) with careers lasting until 2042. More than 400 tennis events from the ATP and WTA circuits, as well as several junior tours, are included in the game. As a tennis coach, your main responsibilities will be to organize training sessions and get big sponsors. If you’d rather take matters into your own hands, you may compete in the games yourself. 

The best sports management games on PC | Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Manager of Professional Cycling in 2021

Pro Cycling Manager is another underappreciated PC title, but it’s an extremely enjoyable and rewarding task for cyclists. There are currently over 230 distinct races and 650 stages in the game, including the epic Tour de France route, as well as the La Vuelta and other famous World Tour events. 

You will be charged with handling money, recruiting, training, and tactics in order to win races and propel your team to the top in this game. You’ll also need to keep an eye on player “morale” and make sure they’re on track to achieve their own objectives. With Pro Cycling Manager 2021, the rigorous upkeep and commitment needed to be a professional rider seems more genuine than ever before. 

Are you looking for additional information? Check out our list of the greatest PC sports games.

F1 2021 might be the most anticipated F1 game of the decade. We barely saw glimpses of it during the E3 2019, and the only video that we got was the “F1 2020” cinematic trailer. We’re very excited to learn more, and hopefully get to play it once it releases in 2021. Why do we think F1 2021 is going to be so special? Well, it’s not really the gameplay or the graphics that we’re excited about, but the fact that this is the first PC F1 game in over a decade. Here are some reasons why:. Read more about best sports management games pc and let us know what you think.

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Top 15 Best Cannon Skins in Sea Of Thieves –


If you are looking for the best cannon skins in Sea of Thieves, you should check out this article.

Sea Of Thieves is an open-world pirate game that allows players to play with others in a world of exploration and adventure. Now, if you’re a fan of the game, you might be happy to know that you can give your character some personal flair with cool in-game skins. But that’s not all there is to it. You can also access a store where you can buy even more skins.

The popular game Sea Of Thieves is on its way to Xbox One, however, the release has been delayed due to a number of problems with the game.

One of the most difficult aspects in Sea of Thieves is mastering your cannons.

Mastery will take hundreds of hours to achieve. It’s something that distinguishes the ordinary pirate from genuine maritime legends.

There are cannons to suit any crew, whether you want them to be beautiful or give you an advantage in battle.

Whatever you’re searching for, this list will provide you with the finest of the best.


Sailor Cannons (number 15)

Sailor Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

Every Pirate Legend started off as a novice.

And it was with them that they all began on their ships.

Every new ship begins with a pair of Sailor Cannons. However, despite their drab and simple appearance, they are really very useful.

Sailor Cannons don’t attract notice to your ship (in fact, if you want to exploit that to your advantage, they make you seem like a new player!).

They also don’t have any components that get in the way while you’re shooting.

These cannons perform precisely as expected and are ideal for learning the ropes with.


Dawn Hunter Cannons (No. 14)

Dawn Hunter Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

Pirates have a reputation for being brutal.

There are no guns on the seas that express it better than these.

With their basic, unobtrusive appearance, Dawn Hunter Cannons may not seem to be much.

However, only individuals who have sold 600 things while flying the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag – which grants the Plundered Prizes Level 5 Commendation – may purchase them.

These guns are towards the bottom of the list since you might have gotten your loot from a variety of crews, or you could have simply discovered it on the ground.


13. Cannons of Nightshine Parrots

Nightshine Parrot Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Nightshine Parrot set is very popular, and pirates all around the world wear it because of its distinctive light blue.

The Nightshine Parrot Cannons are no different, wearing the same silver, black, and blue as the rest of the set.

They’re also very simple to utilize. And all of the feathery detail is on the sides, where it won’t interfere with your aim (sorry, but you can’t use that as an excuse!).

However, for 110,250 Gold, these Cannons aren’t inexpensive. If you add in the remainder of the ship set, you’re looking at well over a million dollars.

However, it is well worth the money for one of the best-looking sets in the game.


12. Kraken Cannons with Venom

Venomous Kraken Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is an awe-inspiring foe.

And according to these cannons, you not only battled it, but you also survived to tell the story many times.

The Venomous Kraken Cannons are only available to crews brave enough to beat the Kraken 10 times – and they stand out with their bright green and yellow base & ink-stained tube.

These are unlikely to deter the typical pirate.

Tentacled beasties, on the other hand, may think twice!


Cannons of Golden Barnacles, No. 11

Golden Barnacle Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The greatest part about Sea Of Thieves’ seasonal update is that we get new cosmetics like these.

The Golden Barnacle Cannons, which feature a gorgeous golden fish etched around the tube, were a prize for achieving Renown Level 84 in Season 2.

Unfortunately, the fin at the base is useless for aiming. However, they are a fantastic season reward, and we hope to see more of them in the future.

If you didn’t get your hands on one, keep an eye out for them at the Shipwrights.


Cannons of the Wild Rose

Wild Rose Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Wild Rose is one of the best sets for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ocean.

These Wild Rose Cannons have a lovely black and gold color scheme with a delicate red rose on top. That rose is also out of the way while you’re shooting, allowing you to be deadly precise while looking beautiful!

These Cannons are 50 Doubloons, which are a bit more difficult to get by than Gold.

However, the quest is worthwhile.


9. The Ashen Dragon’s Cannons

Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon Skin / Sea of Thieves

With this cannon skin, you may burn your opponents on fire with Ashen fire…

You can, if you put Firebombs into it.

The Cannons Of The Ashen Dragon are unlike any other cannon. If you have these on board, don’t expect to be creeping up on any ships.

These Cannons cost 69,950 Gold and feature a big blazing flaming dragon wrapped around them.

And getting your hands on one of them may be difficult, since they can only be obtained by using a Tome from an Ashen Chest, and those Tomes are all different.

Beating some Ashen Guardians is an excellent place to start if you want a chance at acquiring these beautiful cannons.


Cannons of the Order of Souls

Order Of Souls Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

I was hoping for a name from the Order Of Souls that was a little more mysterious.

However, the Order Of Souls Cannons look fantastic and are very simple to operate, so I’ll overlook the generic name.

There’s also a ridge over the top of these cannons, which may assist you place your bullets.

Of course, it isn’t ideal. But you have something with which to align your targets, something most cannons can’t provide.

If they pique your interest, you’ll have to put in some work: you’ll need to be level 60 with the Order Of Souls to play them.

Still, it’s a fair reward for your hard work.


Cannons of the Dark Adventurers

Dark Adventurers Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

These cannons aren’t going to assist you much with your aim.

However, if you can afford them, your goal is likely to be good.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons aren’t cheap, costing almost 4 MILLION GOLD in total!

Even if you have that sort of cash on hand, being a Pirate Legend is required before you can add them to your ship.

The Dark Adventurers Cannons, like the rest of the set, are finished in a sleek black with stunning silver trim, and will certainly frighten any crew that knows them.


Ghost Cannons (No. 6)

Ghost Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If the Dark Adventurer set is out of your price range, these following cannons are unique to Pirate Legend and cost a fraction of the price.

Ghost Cannons are just 500,000 Gold (still expensive, but less so than 4 million!)

They’re also one-of-a-kind, with sections that shine a faint blue.

There aren’t any phantom ship cosmetics, but these guns seem like they might have been plucked off the Ferry of the Damned and come close.


5. Cannons for Sea Dogs

Sea Dog Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If you’re a seasoned PvP player looking for a reliable cannon to get the job done, they may be the best in the game for you.

The Sea Dog Cannons are as basic and quiet as they come, requiring level 40 in the Order Of Souls Faction to acquire.

There are no colors or details. It’s just a basic thin tube to aim and fire.

There’s nothing stopping you from sending your victim to Davy Jones’ Locker with these cannons at your disposal.

For purists, these are the canons.


Cannons of Soulflame

Soulflame Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If the Ghost Cannons weren’t quite up to par, the Soulflame Cannons may be.

These are the first guns in this list that cost Ancient coins, the premium money in Sea Of Thieves.

But if you crank up all the dials to 11, they look like the Ghost Cannons.

The Soulflame Cannons’ bases produce an eerie green mist that blends in with even the darkest of ships.

Although they are difficult to aim with, they may be enough to frighten off other workers without the need to fire a shot.


3. Cannons of the Dark Warsmith

Dark Warsmith Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

The Dark Warsmith Cannons are also Ancient Coins, but they’re so terrifying that they had to be included!

With gold spikes around the barrel, these guns appear menacing no matter what type of ship they’re mounted on.

To go with them, there’s a Dark Warsmith Cannon Flare that surrounds every shot in flaming ash.

Even if you’ve just just signed on to begin your travels, they will make you seem to be warlords to avoid.


2. The Magnificent Sea Dog Cannons

Glorious Sea Dog Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

If you notice a crew wearing these on their ship, you should avoid getting into a battle with them unless you want to die.

Only those who have achieved level 40 in the Sea Dog faction are eligible to purchase the Glorious Sea Dog Cannons.

This indicates that they are genuine Arena grizzled fighters.

The crimson and gold color combination on these cannons is stunning. They’re also thin, as you’d expect from a PvP group, making them extremely simple to target…

Not that any of the crews that use them need assistance.


1. Cannons for Killer Whales

Killer Whale Cannons Skin / Sea of Thieves

A crew equipped with Glorious Sea Dog Cannons is not to be underestimated. However, you’d be a fool to underestimate a group like them.

The Killer Whale Cannons are only accessible to individuals who have reached level 45 with The Hunter’s Call and cost 3500 gold.

The fishing faction, to be precise.

No other group is as stingy with its reputation as this one.

As a result, pirates who have reached this level have seen everything and have likely invested hundreds of hours in the game.

The greatest part about these cannons is how cool they appear, with a distinctive deep blue color scheme. And, to top it off, they’re a blast to shoot with.

Any crew that wears this skin will have a lot of pirate stories to tell. As a result, they are at the top of our ranking.

The top 15 best cannon skins in Sea of Thieves, which can be worn in the game to make your pirate look cool, unique and awesome.. Read more about best ship customization sea of thieves and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best cannon in sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best cannon in Sea of Thieves is the one that you have.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best skin in Sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best skin in Sea of Thieves is the Captains Hook.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the rarest skin in Sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The rarest skin in Sea of Thieves is the Kraken.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cannon in sea of thieves?

The best cannon in Sea of Thieves is the one that you have.

What is the best skin in Sea of thieves?

The best skin in Sea of Thieves is the Captains Hook.

What is the rarest skin in Sea of thieves?

The rarest skin in Sea of Thieves is the Kraken.

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